Worst Lab Accidents in History

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Labs Are Dangerous

Laboratories are dangerous places. Most of them come fully stocked with nasty chemicals of all sorts, from strong acids to neurotoxins. They also come equipped with natural gas-guzzling Bunsen burners and high-pressure cookers called autoclaves. Additionally, physics labs often have lasers; chemistry labs have explosives; and biology labs often have infectious organisms. Literally, everywhere you turn, there is something that could seriously injure you... or worse.

One of the editors of this website had a particular penchant for damaging tabletop centrifuges. He also once burned off some arm hair with a Bunsen burner, while a labmate burned off eyebrow hair. Another colleague acquired impetigo from Staphylococcus aureus. Thankfully, these were all rather minor accidents. But, anyone who has spent considerable time in a laboratory has either fallen victim to an accident or known someone who has. And some of these accidents can be catastrophic.

Read on to discover some of the worst lab accidents in history.

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