The Biggest Junk Science of 2013

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#9. Time Magazine Cures Cancer

Time Magazine's cover on April 1st blared the hopeful headline like a lighthouse's shimmering beacon: "HOW TO CURE CANCER." And their method was simple: treat the disease like it's a Hollywood big-budget blockbuster. The cover story itself, written by Bill Saporito, was full of charming anecdotes and blunt statistics, but little science.

"He mentions one study in which researchers doubled the two-year survival rate of pancreatic cancer--to 9 percent. How did Saporito distill this into the cover language saying that dream teams know how to cure cancer?" Paul Raeburn critiqued.

Over at Slate, Seth Mnookin was even more scathing of the story and headline.

"[It's] completely, utterly, inarguably false. The roughly 580,000 Americans who will die this year from cancer know the reality all too well."

(Image: Time)

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