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Science Journalism

It's not a secret that journalism has struggled in recent years. Revenues are down, staffs have been cut, and once-famous newspapers have folded. In a sense, journalism is a modern-day manifestation of that famous Darwinian adage, "survival of the fittest." Indeed, journalists are under tremendous selection pressure, and only the best will survive.

Perhaps this is most true for science journalism. We knew that trouble was coming when, in 2008, CNN cut its entire science and technology desk. It was a sign of dark days ahead for science journalism.

Yet, many science news sites are doing just fine. Why? Because they are able to produce timely, accurate, and entertaining science content that respects the intelligence of its audience. The best science sites cover a wide variety of topics and don't bore their audience by hammering away on one or two pet issues. Similarly, the best science sites are (relatively) free of political agendas and are unashamedly pro-science.

Given those qualifications, we present our ten favorite science news sites.

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