Top 10 Science News Sites

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2 / 12

Honorable Mentions




Replete with terrific writing from skilled reporters, National Public Radio's science section is a great stop. Critically, when controversial topics arise, you're also sure to receive in-depth reporting. And don't forget to check out Robert Krulwich's blog, Krulwich Wonders.





As far as science journalism goes, Nautilus Magazine is the new kid on the block. But though it was just launched in May, the online magazine has differentiated itself with an innovative and classy look, as well as with informative, long-form stories. Stay up-to-date on current news at the blog, featuring regular contributions by seasoned science writers Veronique Greenwood and Jennifer Oullette.





Featuring amazing stories from a plethora of guest writers, many of them scientists, Slate sets itself apart with perhaps the most wide array of topics. There's simply always something interesting to find over there! "The Bad Astronomer" Phil Plait and "The Explainer" Brian Palmer rarely disappoint with their blog posts.


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