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The Art of Science Journalism

Science journalism is notoriously difficult. Not only must writers grapple with complicated topics, but they must also communicate them in a concise (preferably entertaining) manner for a general audience. That's a tall order. But rising to meet this challenge are the science bloggers, many of whom are scientists themselves. These writers, perhaps more so than traditional journalists, have helped impart science's joys, wonders, and lessons.

At RealClearScience our primary mission is to aggregate the best science writing the Internet has to offer. Since our launch in October 2010, we have read literally thousands of articles from hundreds of writers. But there are a handful of bloggers who stand out from the rest. This elite handful of informative, unique bloggers is, in our opinion, THE BEST on the web.

Without further ado, here are today's Top 10 Science Bloggers.

(Image: Antonio Litterio via Wikimedia Commons)

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