Top 10 Science Bloggers

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7 / 12

#6. Hank Campbell

Blog: Science 2.0

Anyone who titles a post "Curious George Will Give You Lung Cancer" sees the world differently than most people. Contrarian, renegade, maverick: those are all good words to describe Hank Campbell. He once told us that roughly half of his critics call him a crazy right-winger and the other half calls him a crazy left-winger. Therefore, he concluded, he is exactly where he needs to be. Campbell has a knack for pushing everybody's buttons, perhaps best exemplified by an article in which he simultaneously mocked climate deniers and climate hawks. And just for good measure, he also goes after string theory, midwives, gluten-free diets and anti-science hippies. Nobody is beyond criticism, and his science is spot-on.

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