Settled Science that Is 'Controversial'

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Alternative Medicine Is Bunk

Alternative medicine, encompassing practices like acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathy, by definition refers to treatments that have not been proven using scientific methods. Let me reiterate that: They have not been proven.

Nevertheless, they persist because of the tremendous power of anecdotal evidence. Sometimes, in the wake of alternative treatments, the body gets better on its own or through a placebo effect, giving rise to the powerful "It worked for me" response. Thus, ardent followers of sham medicine are born.

Traditional, evidence-based medicine isn't perfect. The reason for this is overt: it exists in the real world, where things are not as simple as "like cures like." Diseases like cancer and HIV are ruthless and difficult to control. There are no easy solutions to a lot of conditions. But that doesn't stop scientists and doctors from trying.

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