The Top 10 Websites for Science in 2020

The Top 10 Websites for Science in 2020
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2020 was a year dominated by one story: the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, and it was a topic which tested journalists, communicators, and experts everywhere. How do you communicate the constantly shifting science of a deadly pandemic? It's a question we're still sorting out, but we do know that effective reporting requires ethics, calm, detail, and critical thinking. In covering the coronavirus pandemic, as well as all of the other important science stories of 2020, these outlets rose to the top:

Honorable Mentions:

If the life sciences peak your interests, visit TheScientist.

Forbes has a fantastic science section with knowledgeable contributors.

Do you prefer science news written by academics, themselves, with minute details you won't fine elsewhere? The Conversation has you covered.

Science Alert stood out this year with a pleasant breadth of content, covered competently.

A sci-comm mainstay for decades, NewScientist can always be counted upon.

Led by veteran journalist, Ed Yong, The Atlantic provided indispensable information about the coronavirus pandemic.

The Top Ten!




10. Cosmos, published by the The Royal Institution of Australia, can always be trusted for quality coverage.




9. ScienceNews is 100 years old in 2021. Here's hoping they stick around for another century so we can keep enjoying their terrific content!




8. Writers Ed Cara and George Dvorsky perform double-duty to keep Gizmodo's science page stocked with skeptical, smart stories.

7. Smithsonian jumped back on our main list after being left off for five years. We love their vibrant, easy-to-use website, regularly updated with fresh, succinct stories.




6. Sister sites Live Science and syndicate science content across the Internet. That's a good thing, because their writers are dependable and trustworthy, distilling the latest discoveries into palatable pieces.




5. Quanta has cemented itself in our top five for a few years now. As we wrote last year, "you can depend on Quanta for reporting that delves inside and wraps around a story to squeeze out every important detail." That doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon.





4. It's difficult to match the depth and breadth of the science journalism at Nature News. We just wish they published more often!




3. Lots of new content every day, an easy-to-read website, skilled journalists, and the imprimatur of the journal Science all contribute to making the news arm of Science Magazine a perennial standout of science journalism.





2. Just like last year, when Ars Technica earned the top spot on our list, the outlet provided detailed, dependable coverage of the day's noteworthy science news. Ars' retinue of experienced writers continue to deliver under the guidance of science editor John Timmer.

1. When an global pandemic unprecedented in scope over the previous century strikes, it's helpful to have a health news organization with a cadre of reputable journalists ready to provide the public with accurate, up-to-date news. In that endeavor, Stat exceeded all expectations. Called upon to be at the top of their game, the science and health communicators employed at Stat decidedly were. We thank them for their hard work keeping everyone informed during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, and acknowledge their website as the top place for science in 2020.

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