Hilariously Stupid Science Questions: 2020 Edition

Hilariously Stupid Science Questions: 2020 Edition
(NASA TV via AP)
Hilariously Stupid Science Questions: 2020 Edition
(NASA TV via AP)
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Here at RealClearScience, a lazy blogging day can prompt a torrent of laughter! That's because we occasionally return to the well of humor available at a crudely-named subreddit of the popular website Reddit to bring you "hilariously stupid science questions". Be prepared to drown in terrible puns, painful fallacies, and poor logic. Should you survive (and somehow enjoy the experience), you can check out some of the other installments in this recurring series.

If we lose net neutrality, will the net become acidic or basic?

If global warming was real, wouldn't the ice wall melt and let the oceans out of the flat earth? So then why is the sea level rising?

Why do meteorites always land in craters?

My pizza says to bake for 18-21 minutes, how do I bake something for -3 minutes?

The human body is 70% water. So in case of fire, is the best course of action to throw your body directly onto it?

Are children actually small or are they just far away?

The first dog in space died of stress. Was that because of all the vacuums up there?

If Mercury is so close to the sun how come we can get it inside thermometers???

Why are so many products harmful only to Californians? (Ah, a Proposition 65 joke!)

How much higher would the sea level be if there were no sponges?

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