The Top 10 Websites for Science in 2018

The Top 10 Websites for Science in 2018
Al Seib /Los Angeles Times via AP, Pool
The Top 10 Websites for Science in 2018
Al Seib /Los Angeles Times via AP, Pool
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The sheer amount of substandard science content on the Internet will make your head spin. Too many websites are chock-full of copy and pasted press releases, ideologically tainted writing, or downright lazy, hyped, or misleading reporting. RealClearScience's job is to filter out all of the garbage to bring you the most relevant, interesting, and accurate science news and opinion. During this pursuit, we notice a number of websites that rise above the rest. Here are our picks for the top websites for science in 2018.

First, the honorable mentions (in no particular order):

The Atlantic


The Conversation

Stars With a Bang!


Science-Based Medicine


Universe Today

Aeon Magazine

And now our top ten...



10. Live Science has been a trusted destination for accessible yet accurate science news for years. They continued posting terrific content in 2018, and have a particular knack for bringing to light stories that other outlets miss. (Full disclosure: RealClearScience has a limited content sharing partnership with Future PLC, Live Science's parent company.)





9. Cosmos is a quarterly print magazine based in Australia, but their online edition is updated daily with wonderfully-reported science content across diverse disciplines. Their writers frequently turn up exciting stories in astrophysics not seen anywhere else.




8. The 173-year-old science magazine has never cracked our top ten, but this year Scientific American did so in resounding fashion, with a beautifully simplified website, expanded content, and regular blogs from experienced writers and scientists like Caleb Scharf, Scott Barry Kaufman, John Horgan, Evelyn Lamb, and Brian Switek.






7. Like Scientific American, Discover is a long-running science magazine that hit its online stride in 2018, thanks largely to a fresh, talented team of dedicated young science writers. Pseudonymous blogger Neuroskeptic also puts out some of the smartest content about neuroscience.



 6. This year, Gizmodo cemented their recent return to our top ten by moving up three spots. Their writers deftly balance shareable headlines and flashy content with skeptical, in-depth writing. They delve into a welcome variety of scientific disciplines and provide needed context on topics where popular culture and science intersect.






5. Ars Technica's writers are seasoned, dependable, and critical. Though Ars generally focuses on more tech-centered science news, they do touch a variety of topics. In particular, look to Ars for scoops and stories on science and space policy.




4. ScienceNews is the big winner in this year's list, leapfrogging up four spots. We've always admired their coverage and clean website, we've just wanted more stories! In 2018, they delivered, with much more of the smart content we've been craving.




3. Science Magazine is America's premier scientific journal, and it's also one of the best places to learn about the latest advances. There's never any doubt: what you read at Science's news website will be accurate and packed with information. Outside of discoveries, you'll also find extensive coverage of academia and the intersection of science and politics.






2. Nature News' coverage remains as exemplary as ever, however, their remade website appears cluttered and disordered. Nature has held the top spot for two years, yet they lose it in this year's list.*



1. Quanta rarely reports on a story first, but they will explore a topic more extensively than anyone else, surpassing skin deep understanding to provide you the true inside perspective of a new discovery. Quanta has been threatening to take over the top spot for a couple years now, and in 2018, they did. Congratulations to Quanta Magazine!

*Correction 12/19: This section originally suggested that Nature's story count decreased in 2018. It actually increased.

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