Simple Questions Counter Claims of Alien Visitation

Simple Questions Counter Claims of Alien Visitation
Mitchell Zachs /East Oregonian via AP
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Is Earth being visited by aliens? The present preponderance of UFO sightings certainly seems to suggest this. Peter Davenport, who maintains the National UFO Reporting Center, has been overrun with thousands of reports of sightings from all across the United States over the past decade. From strange cylinders blocking the moon's light, to low-flying bird-like white pyramids, to "chevron" shaped craft, people are seeing all kinds of mysterious objects.

Those objects probably aren't aliens, however. Simple skeptical questioning easily counters such a claim.

First off, why are all the smartphone videos depicting UFOs of such poor quality? Most are fuzzy, grainy, or out-of-focus. Why aren't there any videos that clearly document close-up encounters? For example, in 1978, police constable Jim Blackwood of Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada says he witnessed an alien craft hovering stationary a few hundred feet away his squad car for two hours. During the ordeal, he supposedly had time to attempt rudimentary contact with the visitor.

“I activated the roof lights of my police car and it activated lights at the same time," he told The Packet.

What he didn't have was a smartphone camera, which is a pity, because then we'd have strong evidence of a genuine alien encounter.

History is replete with detailed accounts of sightings and abductions, yet all of these seemed to have abruptly ended with the advent of camera phones. All we're left with is questionable videos of faraway UFO phenomena, which are far from convincing, and beg the question: why don't UFOs fly closer to the ground? The answer is obvious: they would become identifiable flying objects and onlookers would realize they aren't actually aliens!

On that note, why would aliens even bother to enter our atmosphere? Surely if they have the technology to traverse interstellar distances, they also have the ability to spy on us out of view of our "primitive" detection methods. Of course, maybe bamboozling Earthlings with perplexing sky performances is actually their aim, making us the unwitting stooges of extraterrestrial pranksters.

And there certainly seems to be a lot of these pranksters. UFOs are reported in all shapes and sizes, suggesting that a host of alien races are visiting us. So then, where are they? Scientists haven't even spotted a whiff of extraterrestrial life out there, and yet there are thousands of claims each year of UFOs alighting in our atmosphere. If these UFOs were really aliens, then Earth must be a planetary playground of sorts for a cosmic menagerie of intelligent life which has cleverly evaded the detection of astronomers. That's hard to believe.

Aliens could very well be out there, and most scientists and skeptics undoubtedly hope they are. But it will take more than unverified reports and shoddy video to prove that they're already among us.

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