Jimmy Kimmel Is Late Night's Warrior for Science and Sanity. Here Are His Greatest Hits.

Jimmy Kimmel Is Late Night's Warrior for Science and Sanity. Here Are His Greatest Hits.
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Celebrities are notorious peddlers of pseudoscience, and all too often, their antics face little skepticism from the mainstream media or the general public. But there is at least one man willing to call them out on their woo-y ways. That man is Jimmy Kimmel.

The host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC, Kimmel, a comedian, has poked fun at pseudoscience-y trends numerous times in the past. Here are his greatest hits.

The Hottie Body Miracle Diet: A Parody of Fad Diets

Fad diets rarely work and are often premised on junk science. But Jimmy has an idea for one that simply can't fail.


Organic Cold-Pressed Cleanse Juice... or Tang?

Cold-pressed juice is produced through crushing and squeezing instead of chopping and heating. The difference in processing supposedly preserves more vitamins and minerals, and also merits charging $8 or more for a 16-ounce bottle. Whether you get your money's worth in health benefits is questionable.


So You're Gluten-Free... But Do You Know What Gluten Is?

If you haven't been diagnosed with Celiac disease, there's often little reason for you to be on a gluten-free diet. Lots of people seem to be avoiding it, however, so Jimmy Kimmel asked some of them a simple question: "What is gluten?" (For the record, gluten is a protein commonly fount in wheat, barley, and rye.)


GMOs Bad! But What Are GMOs?

Genetically modified organisms have been the subject of great public controversy. Sadly, the debate is filled with misinformation, like that GMOs are harmful (they aren't) and that GMOs are bad for the environment (generally not true). Many GMO opponents also don't seem to know what they are, as Kimmel found out.


A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement from Real Doctors

In this profanity-laden parody public service announcement, real doctors speak straight to the people who refuse to get themselves or their children vaccinated.


Vaccines and a Child's Right to Choose

Jimmy Kimmel has received a handful of hateful messages for his pro-vaccine and anti-stupidity stances, so he thought he'd be fair and give anti-vaxxers a chance to argue their points and spread their message.


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