Hilariously Stupid Science Questions: We Swear This Is the Last One! Maybe...

Hilariously Stupid Science Questions: We Swear This Is the Last One! Maybe...
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While it's questionable whether hilariously stupid science questions will make you laugh, or even chuckle, they are clinically proven to debase your intelligence. Which is why one has to exclaim... five times?!

Yes. Five times we've shared questions like these. Will they ever end? Or will we keep sharing them until our cognitive functions -- and maybe even yours -- dwindle to those of an amoeba?

While you endlessly agonize over that hypothetical, here are ten more hilariously stupid science questions courtesy of the the one section of Reddit where there's absolutely no logic allowed.

My girlfriend says she needs time and distance. Is she calculating velocity?

I was told to set my clock back an hour when it showed 2AM on November 1st. I've done this 8 times now. When can I stop setting the clock back?

My chemistry homework is asking me to rank the bonds by relative strength. Could Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig beat Sean Connery in a fight?

Statistics show that 1 out of 5 traffic deaths are caused by drunk drivers. Does this mean sober drivers are the real menace?

If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?

I have autism. Does that mean I'm immune to vaccines?

How can there be organic molecules on Mars when the nearest Whole Foods is no closer than 54.6 million kilometers away?

How much carbon dating should I do before I'm ready for carbon marriage?

Why didn't anyone take anti-depressants to prevent the great depression?

Did the Cold War end because of global warming?

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