Hilariously Stupid Science Questions: Yes, Again!

Hilariously Stupid Science Questions: Yes, Again!
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It's never stupid to ask a question about science, but that doesn't mean there aren't hilariously stupid science questions! One, two, three times already, we've shared selections of them. (Wow, RCS, run stuff into the ground much?) We'd now like to share twelve more. And we'll contine sharing them until they stop being funny. As always, our hats are tipped to the esteemed panel of "logic-dodging" jokesters over at Reddit that came up with most of these zany, thigh-slapping queries.

Why would string need a theory? (from RCS reader David Eisenberg)

Where on the periodic table is the element of Surprise? (from RCS reader Nemo_of_Erehwon)

How did the thesaurus survive the dinosaur extinction?

We've long known the speed of light, but what is the speed of heavy?

My neighbor said he's an "acidic Jew". Are there basic Jews? What happens if you combine one of each?

Why does the amount of people required to change a light bulb vary so greatly between cultural groups?

Do hydrophobic objects yell slurs at water when they see it?

Where on the periodic table is the element of surprise? Has it been discovered yet or is it expected to appear suddenly?

Is a right angle 90° celsius or 90° fahrenheit?

If you put a vial of Germanium (Ge) next to a vial of Francium (Fr), will the Ge occupy the Fr?

How did humans reproduce before the discovery of alcohol?

Looking at a map of the US, I noticed that the states all perfectly fit together with no gaps. How is this possible?

If Pluto is a Dwarf planet, shouldn't we try to contact the Dwarves living there?

via Reddit

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