L.A. Times: Painfully False Balance on Anti-Vax Doctor

L.A. Times: Painfully False Balance on Anti-Vax Doctor
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Over the last few years, I've occasionally made the observation that the news media have improved in their coverage of vaccine-related issues. Back in the day, nearly 15 years ago, news coverage of vaccine issues used to infuriate me, because the journalistic trope of “balance” über alles would invariably rear its ugly head, with some truly facepalm-worthy consequences. In nearly every article or news story, the reporter would feel somehow obligated to include the viewpoint from a prominent antivaxer, be it J.B. Handley (way back in the day), Jenny McCarthy (starting around 2007), or even the Big Kahuna of antivaccine pseudoscience himself, Andrew Wakefield. Let's also not forget a very prominent antivaccine pediatrician, “Dr. Bob” Sears.

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