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Monday, April 2
Picky Females Promote Diversity - University of British Columbia
DNA Sequencing and Personalized Cancer Treatment - Science Daily
Test Shows That Earth Was Luna's Only Parent - University of Chicago
You Can Shed Up to 37 Million Bacteria Per Hour - Yale University
Tuesday, April 3
Novel Blue Compound Halts Tumor Spread in Animals - Georgia Tech
Black Holes Grow Massive By Eating Binary Stars - University of Utah
Pesticides Can Induce Morphological Changes - University of Pittsburgh
Empathy Doesn't Mix With Politics - Association for Psychological Science
Wednesday, April 4
Human Virus Boosts Effects of Chemo Drugs - Institute of Cancer Research
Exclusion Is Just as Bad Online as It Is in Person - Penn State University
Robosquirrels Versus Rattlesnakes - University of California-Davis
Can a Ray of Sunshine Help the Critically Ill? - Tel Aviv University
Thursday, April 5
Bend Graphene and What Do You Get? Electricity. - Stanford University
Compound in Red Wine May Help Control Obesity - Purdue University
Cannibalistic Galaxy Has a Powerful Heart - Science Daily
A Quantum Computer Inside a Diamond is Forever -
Friday, April 6
When Battling Parasites, Less Resistance Can Be Better - Georgia Tech
Beanballs in Baseball and the Psychology of Revenge - Brown University
Planet Earth is Clingy When it Comes to Copper - Rice University
Making Perfumes Without Whale Barf - University of British Columbia