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Monday, March 19
Unifying Quantum Mechanics with Einstein's Gravity - Univ. of Vienna
Virtual World 'Soft Controls' People in Real One - Northwestern Univ.
Autoimmune Disease Protein Gives Clue to Therapy - Sanford-Burnham
Sharing Patents with Competitors Sparks Innovation - Univ. of Buffalo
Tuesday, March 20
Map Reveals Volcanic Surface on Jupiter Moon 'Io' - Arizona State Univ.
Cosmic Rays Alter Chemistry of Lunar Ice - University of New Hampshire
How Neurotoxin Resistance Evolved in Snakes - Univ. of Notre Dame
Why Do Doctors 'Dehumanize' Patients? - Assoc. for Psychological Science
Wednesday, March 21
Competitive Partying: How to Get Ahead in Ancient Europe - Sci. Daily
Gut Bacteria -- and Viruses -- Shape Human Evolution - Penn State Univ.
Did Animals Arrive at Madagascar by Rafting? - Purdue University
Popular Solar System Orbits Result in Planet 'Pile-Ups' - Univ. of Arizona
Thursday, March 22
Jellyfish Inspires Ocean-Powered Robot - Institute of Physics
Do Trees Help Electrify the Atmosphere? - Queensland University of Tech.
Laser Writer Makes Graphene Supercapacitors - Physics World
Holding a Gun Makes You Think Others Are Too - Univ. of Notre Dame
Friday, March 23
Microscopic Cathedral 3D-Printed in a Jiffy - Technische Universitat Wien
Runaway Planets May Zoom at Fraction of Light Speed - Harvard Univ.
New Landform Discovered on Mars - University of Washington
Frogs Help Wage War Against Superbugs - University of Melbourne