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Monday, February 27
Neanderthals Nearly Extinct Even Before Humans? - Uppsala Universitet
Promiscuous Yeast Hook Up in Wine-Making Vats - EurekAlert!
Spitzer Telescope Finds Solid Buckyballs in Space - NASA
'Bad Breath' Chemical Converts Stem Cells to Liver Cells - Science Codex
Tuesday, February 28
Do Age-Defying Worms Hold Key to Immortality? - Univ. of Nottingham
Some Bacteria Attack Using Spring-Loaded Poison Daggers - Caltech
Amoeba Offers Clue into Evolution of Photosynthesis - Carnegie Instit.
First-Ever Map of Charge Distribution in Molecule - IBM Research
Wednesday, February 29
How Your Brain Responds to Deceptive Advertising - NC State University
Also on Mars? Antarctic Soil Sucks Water Out of Air - Oregon State Univ.
Yeast Cells Engineered to Respond to Magnetic Field - Harvard University
Sperm Cells Can't Smell Eggs - Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
Thursday, March 1
Invasive Earthworm Blamed for Ovenbird Decline - Smithsonian Instit.
Skeleton's Gender Can Be Determined by Foot Bones - NC State Univ.
Epigenetic Alzheimer's Effect May Be Treatable - Nat'l Institutes of Health
Prebiotics, Probiotics May Boost Infant Health - University of Illinois
Friday, March 2
Why Spiders Don't Stick to Their Own Webs - Smithsonian Institution
What Makes a Robot Fish an Effective Leader? - New York University
Could Graphynes Be Better than Graphene? - Physics World
Salt + Osmotic Pressure + Bacteria = Energy - Penn State University