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Monday, February 20
Why No Volcanoes on the Moon? - European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Contagious Devil Cancer Genome Sequenced - Wellcome Trust
Talking Dictionaries Document Vanishing Languages - Nat'l Geographic
Gesture-Based Texting Eliminates Need to Look at Screen - Georgia Tech
Tuesday, February 21
Mother of Pearl: A New Ocean Thermometer? - University of Wisconsin
Babies' Colic Linked to Mothers with Migraines - Univ. of Calif.-San Fran.
Size of Brain Region Linked to Social Conformity - Wellcome Trust
Redefining 'Kilogram' in Terms of Universal Constants - Science Codex
Wednesday, February 22
Rare Element Found in Stars Far, Far Away - Mass. Institute of Technology
Rare Fungus Kills Endangered Rattlesnakes - University of Illinois
GM Grapes Use New Protein to Kill Pathogen - Los Alamos National Lab
Harvesting Energy Out of Everyday Motions - Duke University
Thursday, February 23
Charging Your Cell Phone by Touching It? - Wake Forest University
Japan Tsunami Debris: Radiation Least of Concerns - Oregon State Univ.
Even in Winter, Life Doesn't Hibernate in Arctic - Nat'l Science Found.
Circadian Clock Linked to Sudden Cardiac Death - Baylor University
Friday, February 24
Two Rare Blood Types Discovered - University of Vermont
Wireless Device Propels Itself Through Bloodstream - Stanford Univ.
Cell Phone-Based Sensor Detects E. coli - Univ. of Calif.-Los Angeles
The High Price of Losing Manufacturing Jobs - Science Codex