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Monday, February 13
Male Snakes with More Estrogen Attract Other Males - Oregon St. Univ.
Drug Reverses Alzheimer's Symptoms in Mice - Case Western Res. Univ.
2000-Yr-Old Chinese Herb Regulates Autoimmunity - Harvard Gazette
Lasers Reveal Clues About Planet Formation - Livermore National Lab
Tuesday, February 14
GM Fungus Literally More Valuable than Gold? - Tech. Universitat Wien
Rapid Evolution Need Not Follow Mass Extinction - Science Daily
Ethanol Mandate Is Not the Best Option - Michigan State University
Why Polish People Sound Rude When Speaking English - ESRC
Wednesday, February 15
New Molecule Wraps Around DNA Like a Snake - University of Texas
'Cloaking' Device to Protect Buildings from Quakes? - Univ. of Manchester
Antibiotics Ineffective for Most Sinus Infections - Washington University
Motherhood, Not Bias, Detrimental to Scientific Careers - Science Daily
Thursday, February 16
New Theory About Lava Formations in Western U.S. - UC-San Diego
Hypothetical Particle Could Solve Lithium Problem - Physics World
Prions Play Powerful Role in Evolution of Yeast - Whitehead Institute
Behhh! Even Goats Develop Accents - Science Codex
Friday, February 17
Why Do Dinosaur Fossils Look so Contorted? - Science Daily
Living Model of Brain Tumor Created - Brown University
Genes May Travel Plant to Plant, Fueling Evolution - Univ. of Sheffield
Faculty Retention Major Problem for Universities - Rensselaer Polytech.