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Thursday, December 18
A New Law for Superconductors - Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
53 Drugs that May Block Ebola Infection - Mount Sinai Hospital
Hugs May Help Protect Against Infection - Carnegie Mellon University
Many Allergic Reactions Traced To Single Protein - Johns Hopkins
Wednesday, December 17
There Was More Than One Paleo Diet - Georgia State University
When You Lose Weight, Where Does the Fat Go? - EurekAlert!
Average-Looking Faces Deemed Most Trustworthy - APS
Exact Solution to an Interesting Physics Problem - Kent State
Tuesday, December 16
Scientists Observe Earth Grow New Layer - University of Leeds
A New Record for Smallest Plant Genome -
How Mother Cows 'Talk' to Their Offspring - University of London
Slight Delay in Cutting Umbilical Cord Better for Babies - Granada
Monday, December 15
The Bacteria That Live in Oil Reservoirs - Science Daily
How Bird Eggs Get Their Bling - University of Akron
Why Voters Are Starting to Accept Gay Marriage - UCLA
Women More 'Election-Averse' Than Men - University of Pittsburgh
Friday, December 12
New Alloy as Light as Aluminum, as Strong as Titanium - NC State
Working, Commuting Biggest Sleep Thieves - Academy of Sleep Med
When Dinos Died, Bird Evolution Exploded - University of Florida
Extroverts Have Stronger Immune Systems - Univ. of Nottingham
Thursday, December 11
Blame Press Releases for Hyped Medical News? - British Medical Jrnl
Poor Semen Quality Linked to Hypertension - Stanford University
Laughing Gas: A Treatment for Depression? - Washington Univ.
Yeast Can Cure Themselves of Prions - University of Arizona
Wednesday, December 10
Punishing Kids for Lying Just Doesn't Work - McGill University
Hummingbird's Hover Easy to Hack - University of British Columbia
Targeting Enzyme Could Relieve PMS Symptoms - Univ. of Bristol
World Record for Compact Particle Accelerator - LBNL
Tuesday, December 9
Your Tongue Reveals Medical Secrets - Science Codex
How Penicillin Kills Bacteria - Harvard University
RNA Tags Help Determine Fate of Stem Cells - UCLA
Gravity: It's the Law, Even for Cells - EurekAlert!
Monday, December 8
Why You Should Go to Sleep Earlier - Springer
Is There Really a Bilingual Advantage? - Association for Psych Science
A Path to Quantum Transistors - University of Michigan
Compound Rapidly Elminates Malaria Parasite - St. Jude's

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