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Friday, November 21
The Riddle of the Missing Stars - European Space Agency
For Women, Job Authority Adds to Depression - University of Texas
Running Can Help Keep You Young - University of Colorado
Icy Roads: Do You Want Salt or Vegetable Juice? - Science 2.0
Thursday, November 20
Did Gravity Save Universe After Big Bang? - Imperial College London
Physical Constants Are Constant - Phys.-Technische Bundesanstalt
New Treatment for Marfan Syndrome - Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Car Crash Survival Rate Higher for Males, Youth, Big Cars - Indiana
Wednesday, November 19
Could GPS Satellites Detect Dark Matter? - University of Nevada
Graphene-Nanotube Hybrids for Flexible Solar Cells - Rice Univ.
Credit Score Also Describes Health Status - Duke University
Another Reason to Avoid Antibacterial Soap - UC-San Diego
Tuesday, November 18
New Crystal to Revolutionize Thermoelectrics? - Vanderbilt Univ.
Secondhand Marijuana Smoke as Bad as Tobacco? - UCSF
Biological 'Embryo' Inside Hailstones - Montana State University
A Kingdom of Blind Cave Beetles in China - Pensoft Publishers
Monday, November 17
The Warmest Oceans Ever Recorded - Science Daily
A Breakthrough in Finding Black Holes - Cardiff University
Hailstones Form Around Biological Material - Montana State
Kingdom of Cave Beetles Found in China -
Friday, November 14
Fracking Chemical No Worse than Household Chemicals - Colorado
Ego Boosting Is Bad for Kids' Relationships - EurekAlert!
How Mosquitoes Evolved to Love Human Scents - Rockefeller Univ.
Twisted Light Waves Sent Across Vienna - Institute of Physics
Thursday, November 13
Moderate Drinking Only Healthy for Select Few - U. of Gothenburg
Drought, Overpopulation Destroyed Assyrian Empire - UCSD
Carbon Monoxide Could Fight Bacterial Infections - BIDMC
New Species of Nocturnal Gecko in Madagascar - Pensoft
Wednesday, November 12
Ocean Temperature Models Are Wrong - Alfred Wegener Institute
Societies in Harsh Climates Likelier to Believe in Moral God - NESC
Mysterious Tar Mounds in West African Deep Ocean - NOC
So, You Think You Can Clap to the Beat? - McGill University

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