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Friday, September 4
An Extinction Caused by Animals? - Vanderbilt University
How Termites Ventilate Their Mounds - Harvard University
Waste Coffee Used as Fuel Storage - Institute of Physics
3D Printing Revives Bronze Age Music - Australian National University
Thursday, September 3
Laws Changed Rates of Suicide-by-Firearm - Johns Hopkins University
How Wind Sculpted Earth's Largest Dust Deposit - University of Arizona
Jellyfish Propulsion Design for Underwater Crafts - University of Oregon
Water Heals a Bioplastic - Penn State University
Wednesday, September 2
U.S. College Students Are Smoking a Lot of Pot - Univ. of Michigan
Light 'Squeezed' One Particle at a Time - University of Cambridge
Electrons Point Way to Perfect Light Absorption - Bielefeld
Male Seahorse & Human Pregnancy Very Alike - EurekAlert!
Tuesday, September 1
Almost All Seabirds Have Eaten Plastic - UC-Santa Barbara
Evidence of Ancient Life Deep Below the Seafloor - Woods Hole
Short Sleepers 4x More Likely to Catch a Cold - UC-San Francisco
How the Ankylosaur Got Its Tail Club - North Carolina State
Monday, August 31
Oysters Harbor, Transmit Norovirus to Humans - Am. Soc. Microbio.
Prolonged TV Watching Linked to Fatal Embolism - EU Soc. Cardio.
Microbes Greatly Affect Climate Models - Lund University
Worker or Queen? Plant Influences Honey Bee Caste - U. of Illinois
Friday, August 28
Nearest Quasar Is a Double Black Hole - NASA
Found: Mechanism of Strange Earthquakes - USC
Unusual Blue Pigment in Mummy Portraits - Northwestern University
Self-Control Saps Memory - Duke University
Thursday, August 27
Earth's Mineralogy Unique in the Cosmos - Carnegie Institution
Aphantasia: An Inability to Visualize Images - University of Exeter
Awareness of Mortality May Be Bad for Health - University of Kent
Even Cockatoos Infer and Conclude - University of Vienna
Wednesday, August 26
Predicting Who Will Murder His Wife or Family - Northwestern U.
Romantic Opportunities Influence Women's Sexuality - ASA
Foes Can Become Friends on the Coral Reef - Georgia Tech
Rare Nautilus Spotted for First Time in 30 Years - U. of Washington
Tuesday, August 25
Unlike Boys, Girls Lose Friends for Having Sex - EurekAlert!
Controlling Cancer Cells with Electricity - University of Texas
Reprogramming Cancer Cells Is Possible - Mayo Clinic
Researchers Synthesize New Nanomaterial - Louisiana Tech

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