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Friday, April 29
Bosses, Be Nice to Your Ex-Employees - Penn State University
Seven Chemical Separations to Change the World - Georgia Tech
Dissolvable Electronics for Implants, Sensors - Am. Chemical Society
We May Have Been Carnivore Food 500K Years Ago - PLoS
Thursday, April 28
Ravens Are Just as Clever as Chimps - Lund University
20-Million-Year History of Penguins in Australia - PLoS
In Chemistry, 1 - 1 Does Not Always = 0 - Northwestern University
Measuring Happiness on Social Media - University of Iowa
Wednesday, April 27
What We Know and Don't Know About Sexual Orientation - APA
Vaccines More Effective When Given in the Morning - U. Birmingham
Music Improves Baby Brain Responses to Speech - U. of Washington
Why Is Visceral Fat Worse than Subcutaneous Fat? - UI-Chicago
Tuesday, April 26
Don't Blame GMOs, Glyphosate for Monarch Decline - Cornell Univ.
Breast Cells Develop Two Nuclei During Lactation - W&E Hall Instit.
Dinosaurs Chose to Leave Europe - University of Leeds
Dark Matter Lacks Axion-Like Particles - Stockholm University
Monday, April 25
Researchers Discover New State of Water Molecule - Oak Ridge Lab
Anaphylaxis Is Increasing Among Children - McGill University
A Significant Advance in DNA Barcodes - EurekAlert!
Atoms in Silicon Act as Quantum Simulator - Univ. New South Wales
Friday, April 22
Victorian Age Technology Can Improve Virtual Reality - Dartmouth
A Rechargeable Battery that Never Needs Replacing? - UC-Irvine
Tectonic Activity Triggered Ice Ages - Mass. Institute of Technology
Tough Childhood Leads to Shorter Life in Baboons - Notre Dame
Wednesday, April 20
Brain Circuit Linked to 'Derailed Train of Thoughts' - UCSD
Brain 'Files' Memories During Rest - University College London
Bigger Brains Drove Evolution of Bigger Humans - AMNH
Century-Old Smectic Riddle Finally Solved - Cornell University
Tuesday, April 19
Hepatitis C Cured After 6 Weeks of Treatment - EASL
Why Do Our Immune Systems Go Haywire as We Age? - Stanford U.
Fish-Eyed Lens Can See in the Dark - University of Wisconsin
Floods Linked to Jamming of the Jet Stream - Potsdam Institute

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