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Monday, May 25
Depression Linked to 5X Death Rate of Heart Failure - EurekAlert!
Robots Learn via Trial and Error - University of California-Berkeley
Forest Fires Could Release Chernobyl Radiation - GeoSci Institute
Simulations Predict a New Phase of Matter - Science Daily
Friday, May 22
Swelling Magnets to Energize the World - University of Maryland
Robotic Sonar System Inspired by Bats - Acoustical Society of America
You Dirty Rat! Rodents Will Spread New Diseases - Univ. of Georgia
First Dinosaur Fossil Found in Washington State - Burke Museum
Thursday, May 21
Skipping Meals May Cause Belly Fat - The Ohio State University
Snakes: A New Evolutionary History - Yale University
European Men Descend from Few Bronze Age Ancestors - Leicester
Tunable Liquid Metal Antennas - American Institute of Physics
Wednesday, May 20
Fresh Theories About Dark Matter - University of the Basque Country
New Record for 'Black Silicon' Solar Cells - Aalto University
Cell Phone Bans Lead to Better Student Test Scores - Univ. of Texas
Adults Harbor Risky Autoreactive Immune Cells - Stanford Univ.
Tuesday, May 19
Which Is Most Valuable: Gold, Cocaine, or Rhino Horn? - UCLA
Grass Can Transport Infectious Prions - University of Texas
Iron Chemistry in Earth's Deep Mantle - Carnegie Instit. for Science
Do Fruit Flies Have Emotions? - California Institute of Technology
Monday, May 18
A Groundbreaking Treatment for Cystic Fibrosis - EurekAlert!
High Salt Intake May Delay Puberty - Science Daily
An In-Depth Study of CEO Greed - University of Delaware
Galaxy Collisions Yield Dark Matter Theories - Univ. Basque Country
Friday, May 15
Weakest Magnetic Field in Solar System - Tech. Universitat Munchen
Why Is There a Male Bias for Autism? - EurekAlert!
How Brain Balances Hearing Between Ears - U. of New South Wales
If 'The Dress' Was Red, There Would Be No Debate - Univ. Giessen

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