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Wednesday, July 23
Bend in Appalachian Mountains Explained - University of Rochester
Highly Charged Ions for Clocks & Qubits - Joint Quantum Institute
New Material Puts a Twist in Light - Australian National University
'Moral Victories' Might Spare You from Losing Again - Brigham Young U.
Tuesday, July 22
Oceans Vital for Possibility of Alien Life - University of East Anglia
Tiniest Catch: Fishing for Viruses with Bacteria as Bait - U. of Arizona
Gut Microbes Allow Animals to Eat Toxic Plants - University of Utah
A Cage for Noble Gases - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Monday, July 21
Antipsychotics Linked to Slight Decrease in Brain Volume - Cambridge
Genetic Risk for Autism Stems from Common Genes - Science Codex
Eye Movements Reveal Love or Lust - University of Chicago
Friday, July 18
Why a Family in Turkey Walks on All Fours - University of Texas
Smoking May Contribute to Suicide Risk - Washington Univ.-St. Louis
Tiny Benefit from Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy - EurekAlert!
An Algorithm for Fair Cake Cutting - Springer
Thursday, July 17
'Pre-Diabetic' Label Has No Medical Value - Univ. College London
World's First Photonic Router - Weizmann Institute of Science
Sexual Harassment in Academic Field Expeditions? - U. of Illinois/S2.0
Mutation Stops Worms from Getting Drunk - University of Texas
Wednesday, July 16
Evidence of Super-Fast Deep Earthquakes - UC-San Diego
Bacterial Colonization May Help Protect Against Flu - Wistar Institute
Portable Radiation Detectors for the Public - Oregon State University
Why Domestication Changes Animals' Appearance - Gen. Soc. of Am.
Tuesday, July 15
What You Eat May Affect Your Biological Clock - Cell Press
Brain Activity Similar in Sex, Drug Addiction - Univ. of Cambridge
Measuring the Age of a Star Using Its Spin - Harvard University
Scorpions Are Master Architects - Ben-Gurion University
Monday, July 14
1st Direct Glimpse at Photosynthesis in Action - Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
How Antioxidants Can Accelerate Cancers - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Spider Toxin Can 'Electrocute' Certain Insects - Johns Hopkins Medicine
Out of an Explosion, a Stand in for the First Stars - NASA

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