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Tuesday, October 21
Reading Glasses: A Thing of the Past? - Am. Academy of Opthalmology
Anxiety over Antipsychotics - Euro. College Neuropsychopharmacology
Large DNA Crystals with Complex Shapes - Harvard University
Female Monkeys Prefer the Color Red - University of Rochester
Monday, October 20
Ebola May Be Creating Immunity - University of Florida
Viagra Could Be Safe Treatment for Heart Disease - EurekAlert!
Vitamin B Could Help Detoxify Range of Pollutants -
Birth Season Affects Mood Later in Life - Medical Xpress
Friday, October 17
How 'Faith' in Science Can Blind You - Cornell University
21-Day Ebola Quarantine May Not Be Long Enough - Drexel Univ.
Robot Performs Brain Surgery Through Your Cheek - Vanderbilt U.
How to Put Cigarette Ashes to Good Use - American Chemical Society
Thursday, October 16
Why Do People Risk Ebola by Hunting Bats? - Univ. of Cambridge
New 'Strong Force' Particle Discovered - University of Warwick
Unstoppable Magnetoresistance - Princeton University
Greek Bronze Age Ended 100 Years Earlier - Univ. of Birmingham
Wednesday, October 15
Mathematics Behind the Ebola Epidemic - ETH Zurich
Drinking Decaf Coffee May Be Good for Liver - Wiley
Gold Nanoparticles Measure Stickiness of Snot - Optical Society
Men, Women Judge Art Differently - Michigan State University
Tuesday, October 14
Mechanism that Repairs Brain After Stroke Found - Lund Univ.
Revving Up Fluorescence for Super-Fast LEDs - Duke University
Solid Nanoparticles Can Deform Like a Liquid - MIT
No Single Explanation for Madagascar Biodiversity - Duke Univ.
Monday, October 13
What To Do About Dwindling Antibiotics - Washington Univ. St. Louis
Leaky Galaxies Hold Answers for Astronomers - Johns Hopkins
Binge Drinking Brings Epigenetic Changes - University of Missouri
Plankton Pee Affects Ocean Chemistry - University of Washington

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