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Thursday, April 17
Babies Prefer Fairness, But Only if It Benefits Them - U. of Washington
Four New Species of 'Killer Sponges' - Monterey Bay Aquarium RI
Redirecting Sunlight into City Alleys - Optical Society
Quantum Dots Brighten Solar Power's Future - Los Alamos Nat'l Lab
Wednesday, April 16
Silly Putty Helps Advance Stem Cell Research - University of Michigan
Deep, Turbulent Canyon Refreshes Puget Sound - Univ. of Washington
Does 'Germ Plasm' Accelerate Evolution? - University of Nottingham
Mother-to-Offspring Transmission of Symbionts - Max Planck Instit.
Tuesday, April 15
Pliable Glass That Is Stronger than Steel - Yale University
Nanocrystals Could Fight Counterfeiting - Mass. Institute of Technology
Can Traumatic Events Be Passed on in RNA? - ETH Zurich
Astronomy, Ophthalmology Sharpen Microscopy - Howard Hughes MI
Monday, April 14
Is Global Warming Just a Natural Fluctuation? - McGill University
Student Draws Extinct Plants into Beautiful Life - UC-Berkeley
Researchers Create Roadmap for Gene Expression - NC State
Treatment Cures 94% of Hepatitis C Cases in 12 Weeks - Science Daily
Friday, April 11
Risk of Icebergs Higher Now than Titanic Era - University of Sheffield
Recycling Astronaut Urine for Energy & Water - Am. Chemical Society
Indoor Bunnies Could Be Vitamin D Deficient - University of Illinois
Copper Catalyst Makes Ethanol from Carbon Monoxide - Stanford
Thursday, April 10
World's Largest Single Crystal of Gold - Los Alamos National Laboratory
One of the Last Strongholds for Chimpanzees - Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
Chikungunya Virus Poised to Invade Americas - Am. Society for Microbio.
Caffeine vs. Alzheimer's - Universitat Bonn
Wednesday, April 9
Twitter Use Linked to Infidelity, Divorce - University of Missouri
Procrastination, Impulsivity May Be Genetically Linked - APA
Bacteria Can Eat Strange Amino Acids - Desert Research Institute
First Step Toward Protein Sequencing - Arizona State University
Tuesday, April 8
Breakthrough Allows Paraplegics to Move Legs - UCLA
Scleroderma: Fighting Back Against Autoimmune Disease - Michigan St.
Moth Eyeballs Inspire Coating that Dims Glare - Univ. of Calif.-Irvine
Solving the Hagfish Slime Mystery - University of Guelph
Monday, April 7
Researchers Find Potential Origin of Lou Gehrig's Disease - Wisconsin
A Habitual Junk Food Diet Boosts Laziness - UCLA
1st Biological Evidence That Some People Are Negative - Michigan State
Scientists Identify Key Cells in Touch Sensation - Columbia University

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