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Wednesday, August 24
Molecular Cause of Poison Ivy Rash Found - Monash University
Can We Model Mayan Civilization's Collapse? - TU Wien
A New Type of Human Eye Movement - Science Daily
Extremely Precise Gyroscope Built With Single Atoms - NIST
Tuesday, August 23
Testable Air Found in 813-Million-Year-Old Rock Cores - WVU
Hibernating Opossums Still Sense Forest Fires - Springer
Make Any Window Smart for Less $ - University of Texas
Twins Live Longer - University of Washington
Monday, August 22
Tree Identified as Europe's Oldest Inhabitant - Stockholm University
Divorces Spike in March and August - University of Washington
Fungi Recycle Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries - EurekAlert!
New Goldilocks Criteria for Habitable Planets - Yale University
Friday, August 19
Common Cold Came From Camels! - DZIF
A Treatment for Severe Eye Dryness - Scripps Research Institute
Cell DNA Used as Memory Storage - MIT
New Diabetes Med Easier on Kidneys - American Society of Nephrology
Thursday, August 18
Special Power Found in Wheat - University of Queensland
The Good Bacteria Living in Your Nose - The Forsythe Institute
Re-engineered Bacteria Produce Wires - Office of Naval Research
Genes Found for Breast Cancer Survival - Institute of Cancer Research
Wednesday, August 17
Investigating Pre-DNA Life Genetics - Scripps Research Institute
Wood Windows Have Benefits - University of Maryland
Tree Rings Date Ancient Radiation Events - EurekAlert!
Fish Pee Key to Coral Reef Life -
Tuesday, August 16
Schizophrenia Evolved Recently - Elsevier
Brown Dwarfs Bridge Jupiters and Suns - Carnegie Inst. for Science
Nanobots Voyage Through Bloodstream - Montreal Polytech
How to Detect a Single Molecule of Explosive - MIPT
Monday, August 15
How Did Primate Brains Get So Big? - University of Florida
Fermi Mission Expands Search for Dark Matter - NASA
Survey of Scientists Debunks Chemtrails - Univ. of California-Irvine
Psychologists Identify Cause of Worker Burnout - Science Daily

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