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Friday, August 1
Watching Schrodinger's Cat Die - University of California-Berkeley
Brain Waves May Predict Audience Reaction - City University of NY
Catalyst Converts Carbon Dioxide to Fuel - University of Illinois-Chicago
Bees Spot Best Flowers Before Landing - University of Exeter
Thursday, July 31
The Paradox of Genetic Fertility Problems - Weizmann Institute
Building 'Invisible' Materials with Light - University of Cambridge
Common Mineral Acts as a Catalyst - Arizona State University
'Quantum Glue' of High-Temp. Superconductivity - U. of Ill.-Chicago
Wednesday, July 30
A Universal Blood Test for Cancer? - University of Bradford
Evidence of a Hot Bubble in Our Galaxy - University of Miami
Using Magnets as Refrigerators - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mother Rats Teach Babies Fear Through Odor - University of Michigan
Tuesday, July 29
Novel Virus Found in Half of World's Population - San Diego State Univ.
New Material Converts Sunlight into Steam - Mass. Institute of Tech.
Europe May Be Putting Cancer Research at Risk - ESMO
Is Age of First Period Linked to Disease in Women? (PDF) - IAR
Monday, July 28
Stanford Achieves 'Holy Grail' of Battery Design - Science Codex
Scientists Create Highest Electrical Current Ever - Science Daily
The Unhappiest Cities in the U.S. - University of British Columbia
Decriminalizing Sex Work Could Cut HIV - Imperial College London
Friday, July 25
Wide-Faced Men Negotiate Bigger Bonuses - Univ. of Calif.-Riverside
Are We Headed for a Sixth Mass Extinction? - Stanford University
Bats Can Navigate Using Polarized Light - Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
'Constructal Law' Explains Airplane Evolution? - Duke University
Thursday, July 24
You Eat 92% of Whatever Is on Your Plate - Cornell University
A Vaccine for Dust Mite Allergies - University of Iowa
The Dark Side of Meerkat Manor - University of Edinburgh
Creating Optic Cables Out of Thin Air - University of Maryland
Wednesday, July 23
Bend in Appalachian Mountains Explained - University of Rochester
Highly Charged Ions for Clocks & Qubits - Joint Quantum Institute
New Material Puts a Twist in Light - Australian National University
'Moral Victories' Might Spare You from Losing Again - Brigham Young U.
Tuesday, July 22
Oceans Vital for Possibility of Alien Life - University of East Anglia
Tiniest Catch: Fishing for Viruses with Bacteria as Bait - U. of Arizona
Gut Microbes Allow Animals to Eat Toxic Plants - University of Utah
A Cage for Noble Gases - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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