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Monday, September 22
Scientists Create Nanothreads Made of Diamond - Penn State
First-of-Its-Kind Chemical Bond Achieved - Gutenberg University
Nothing Seems to Stop Quantum Teleportation - Science Daily
A Dinosaur with a Nose Unlike Any Other - NC State University
Friday, September 19
Power Isn't Enough: The Key to Effective Leadership - Columbia U.
Trees Are Growing at a Faster Rate - Technische Universitat Munchen
No Facial Expression Leads to Perception of Unhappiness - OSU
Test Could Identify When Cancer Treatment Is Detrimental - ICR
Thursday, September 18
Tornadoes Occurring Earlier in 'Tornado Alley' - Am. Geo. Union
Arabian Sea Dead Zone Is the Size of Texas - Columbia University
Healthy Humans Make Nice Homes for Viruses - Washington Univ.
Nanoribbon Film Keeps Glass Ice-Free - Rice University
Wednesday, September 17
Habitual Facebook Users Susceptible to Scams - Wiley
You Can Classify Words in Your Sleep - Cell Press
How to Hide Like an Octopus - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Early Earth Less Hellish than Previously Thought - Vanderbilt Univ.
Tuesday, September 16
Gray Matter Matters for Risk Tolerance - University of Sydney
Why Lithium Ion Batteries Go Bad - Stanford University
Entangled Photon Triplets - Nat'l Institute of Standards & Technology
Fluid Dynamics Mimics Quantum Mechanics - MIT
Monday, September 15
'Magic Mushrooms' Help Longtime Smokers Quit - Johns Hopkins
Two Genes Keep Circadian Clocks Running - Univ. of North Carolina
Link Found Between Gray Matter & Risk-Taking - Univ. of Sydney
Friday, September 12
Will the Real Unemployment Rate Please Stand Up? - Princeton U.
Major Earthquake May Strike Near Istanbul - MIT
Can Blood Type Affect Your Memory? - Am. Academy of Neurology
Networking Can Make Some Feel 'Dirty' - University of Toronto

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