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Friday, February 12
Popular Yellowstone Formation Theory Challenged - Univ. of Illinois
Couch Potatoes May Have Smaller Brains Later in Life - AAN
40% of Schizophrenics Attempt Suicide - University of Toronto
Alcohol Can Damage Liver by Letting Bacteria Infiltrate - UCSD
Thursday, February 11
Astronomers Spy Hidden Galaxies Behind Milky Way - ICRAR
Universe's Primordial Soup Flowing at CERN - Univ. of Copenhagen
How 'Extremophile' Fish Survive in Toxic Water - Washington State U.
Rare Bumblebee Making Comeback in Pacific NW? - Entom. Soc. Am.
Wednesday, February 10
Finding a Timebomb in the Testicles - University of Oxford
A Possible New Treatment for Jet Lag? - Stanford University
Sleep Deprivation Linked to False Confessions - Michigan State Univ.
The Most Dangerous Strains of Deadly E. coli - Univ. of Maryland
Tuesday, February 9
BMI Is Not an Accurate Measure of Health - UC-Santa Barbara
Why Rest Is Critical After a Concussion - Georgetown University
Record Missouri Flooding Was Man-Made Calamity - Washington U.
From Allergens to Anodes: Making Batteries with Pollen - Purdue U.
Monday, February 8
Many White-Tailed Deer Have Malaria Parasite - Univ. of Vermont
Motorboat Noise Turns Tiny Fish into Easy Prey - University of Exeter
Forest Losses Increase Local Temperatures - Joint Research Centre
The Mathematics of the Perfect Pancake -
Friday, February 5
Data on the Impact of New Marijuana Laws - Wolters Kluwer Health
Pluto's Mysterious Floating Hills - NASA
Consistency of Earth's Magnetic Field a Surprise - Carnegie Instit.
Milky Way's Gamma Rays Not from Dark Matter - Princeton Univ.
Thursday, February 4
Super Bowl Triggers Spike in Influenza Deaths - Cornell University
With Ravens, Out of Sight Is Not Out of Mind - University of Houston
Extracting Rare Earth Metals from Coal - Penn State University
Severe Drought No Longer Caused Just by Nature - U. of Birmingham
Wednesday, February 3
Pinterest: Home of the Anti-Vaccine Movement - Elsevier
Why Do Scientists Chase Unicorns? - Michigan State University
Prehistoric Man Had a Taste for Tortoise - Tel Aviv University
CO2 from Air Converted into Methanol Fuel - U. Southern California
Tuesday, February 2
Repeated Trauma in Infancy Septuples Psychosis Risk - U. Granada
Ancient Tetons Formed by Continental Collisions - Univ. of Wyoming
Why Volcanic Eruptions Increased at End of Ice Age - U. Cambridge
Logging Helps Black Rats Invade Rain Forests - Imp. College London

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