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Friday, January 30
Donated Specimens: Do You Want to Know What Happens? - MSU
Long Drought Doomed Mexican City 1,000 Yrs Ago - UC-Berkeley
Muskrats, Minks Carry Common Cat Disease - University of Illinois
Chimps with High-Ranking Moms Do Better in Fights - Duke Univ.
Thursday, January 29
Oil Conspiracy Theories Could Be Right - University of Warwick
What Really Happened at Easter Island? - UC-Santa Barbara
Things Smell Good for a Reason - Max Planck Institute
Helicopter Parenting: Good for Pets, Bad for Kids - UC-Berkeley
Wednesday, January 28
Why Forecasters Get the Weather Wrong - Tel Aviv University
Globally, Girls Lead Boys in Academics - University of Missouri
How Listeria Breaches the Placenta - Rockefeller University
Nocturnal Leg Cramps More Common in Summer - Science Codex
Tuesday, January 27
Exoplanet Ring System Larger than Saturn's - University of Rochester
How the Universe Creates Reason & Morality - Clemson University
Why All-Nighters Don't Work - Brandeis University
Taste of 'Umami' May Be Beneficial for Health - EurekAlert!
Monday, January 26
How Does the Universe Create Reason & Morality? - Clemson
Atoms Can Be in Two Places at the Same Time - Universitat Bonn
A Breakthrough in Reading Ancient Scrolls - University of Kentucky
Chemists Find Way to Unboil Eggs - University of California-Irvine
Friday, January 23
Hostile Boss? Give It Right Back - The Ohio State University
Only Half of Teen Girls Receive HPV Vaccine on Time - UTMB
Major Cause of Blindness Linked to Calcium Deposits in Eye - UCL
Can Scents Change Our Purchasing Decisions? - Am Marketing Assoc
Thursday, January 22
The Swirling Vortex of Venus - European Space Agency
Except for Price, Nothing Unique About 'Organic' Milk - Elsevier
Climate Change Bodes Poorly for Picky Eaters - Louisiana State Univ.
Living Longer, But Not Necessarily Healthier - U. of Massachusetts
Wednesday, January 21
'Idiosyncratic' Brain Patterns in Autism - Carnegie Mellon University
Earliest Primates Lived in Trees - Yale University
An Increase in Falls Among the Elderly - University of Michigan
Couples Are More Likely to Get Healthy Together - Cancer Research
Tuesday, January 20
Majority of Muslims in Europe Are 'Fundamentalists' - FECYT
Galactic 'Hailstorm' in the Early Universe - University of Cambridge
Heart Arrhythmias Found in Deep-Diving Mammals - UC-Santa Cruz
Lack of Exercise Causes 2x as Many Deaths as Obesity - Cambridge

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