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Friday, September 30
Mars' Crust Is Evaporating Into Its Atmosphere - Jet Propulsion Lab
Bees Happy After Drinking Sugar Water - Science Daily
Disgusting Marine Snow Feeds Life on Sea Floor - NOC
Immune System More Influenced by Location Than Genes - VIB
Thursday, September 29
1 Terabit-per-Second Data Speed Achieved - Tech U of Munich
Is Delaying Dementia the Best We Can Do? - University of Cambridge
5% Epigenetically Programmed to Die Young? - UCLA
How The Brain Decides Reward Is Worth the Effort - Oxford University
Wednesday, September 28
Creating Antimatter With Powerful Laser Blasts - Science Daily
Ear Bones Suggest Neanderthals Communicated Verbally - MPG
Transmit Passwords Securely Through Your Body - UW
Foam May Stop Sloshing Liquids Such As Beer - EurekAlert!
Tuesday, September 27
How Do Cancer Cells Evade Our Immune System? - UBC
NASA Rocket Digs Into Mystery of Cosmic X-Ray Origin - NASA
A Better Model of the Electrically Zapped Brain - University at Buffalo
Tiny Stars Can Have Protoplanetary Discs Too - Carnegie Science
Monday, September 26
Atmosphere Acidity Back to Preindustrial Levels - Univ. Copenhagen
Fossilized Eukaryote Was a Shape-Shifter - Geological Society of America
New Insights Into Otzi the Iceman's Murder - South Tyrol Museum
Genetic Wiring of Cellular Life Revealed - University of Toronto
Friday, September 23
The Universe Has No Sense of Direction - University College London
Secrets of Blue Whale Feeding Revealed - Stanford University
New Discovery Could Make Fracking Safer - Arizona State University
Fight Chronic Disease With a Tattoo? - Rice University
Thursday, September 22
Used Coffee Grounds Can Purify Water - American Chemical Society
Menstrual Cycle Affects Women's Spatial Navigation - Concordia U
Nearby Protoplanetary Disc Dispersing? - LMU
Reef Fish See Colors Humans Don't - University of Queensland
Wednesday, September 21
Prevent Allergies by Feeding Babies Egg & Peanut? - ICL
Graphene Could Treat Spinal Injuries - Rice University
Is Loneliness a Heritable Trait? - UC-San Diego
Algal Enzyme Boosts Photosynthesis - LBNL
Tuesday, September 20
Acidity in Atmosphere Reduced to Preindustrial Levels - U Copenhagen
Codeine Too Risky for Kids? - American Academy of Pediatrics
How Can Your Brain See in the Dark? - OSIT
Genes Determine What Mosquitoes Will Bite - UC-Davis

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