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Thursday, October 27
New Technique Nearly Cures Peanut & Egg Allergies in Mice - U of S
VLT Discovers Glowing Halos Around Distant Quasars - ESO
Wires Along Nerve Bundles Can Produce Feeling in Bionic Hands - UC
The Entire Himalayan Arc Can Produce Big Quakes - AGU
Wednesday, October 26
High-Andean Plain Lies Over World's Largest Magma Pool - UCSC
A Brain Electrode Needle 10x Thinner Than a Hair - Science Daily
'Heartbeat Stars' Are Binaries With Brightness Like an EKG - JPL
A New Cheaper Catalyst for Hydrolysis - Washington State University
Tuesday, October 25
Boosting Known Antioxidant May Help Resist Aging - OSU
MRSA Resists Antibiotics by Making Decoy Molecules! - IC London
Hip Replacement Patients Don't Become More Active - UEA
New Bacteria Group Found Underground - UC Berkeley
Monday, October 24
A Potential New Strategy to Prevent Alzheimer's - Baylor University
New Recommendations for Children's Media Use - AAP
Found: Oldest Known Planet-Forming Disk - Carnegie Science
Electron Orbits Directly Imaged in Magnetic Field - Science Daily
Friday, October 21
Early Humans Discovered Heat-Treating for Weapons - UIB
Empty Hyperloop Test Pod Achieves 1/4 Inch Lift - U of Cincinnati
3D Printed Fake Hand Can Open Fingerprint Locks - Michigan State
More Biological Pieces of the Circadian Rhythm Clock - UCLA
Thursday, October 20
Cancer Telomeres Allow Cells to Replicate Indefinitely - U Pennsylvania
Ancient Frog Species Has Double the Chromosomes - OIST
Smart Buildings Will Be Able to Sense Internal Damage - MIT
Cancer Cells Shape May Reflect Their Danger - EurekAlert!
Wednesday, October 19
Graphene Coated Glass Won't Crack or Corrode - IBS
Nitrate-Reducing Mouth Microbes Cause Migraines? - UC San Diego
Rosetta Probe Comet's Birthplace May Have Been Found - WU
Diamond Micro-Anvils Create Earth Shattering Pressure - UAB
Tuesday, October 18
How High BMI Might Slow Your Brain - University of Arizona
The World's Most Efficient Quantum Cascade Laser - UCF
The Pluses & Minuses of Species With No Males - Hokkaido University
A Bluetooth Intoxication Meter That Reports BAL to a Phone - NIBIB
Monday, October 17
USA Ranks 7th in the World in Empathy - Michigan State University
First Quantum Computer Bridge Created - Sandia National Labs
Small-Scale Agriculture Threatens Rainforest - Lund University
New and Improved Ibuprofen Tested in Mice - EurekAlert!

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