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Friday, April 17
A Camera that Powers Itself - Columbia University
Molecule Tricks Viruses into Mutating to Death - Univ. of Chicago
Capitanian: A 'Missing' Sixth Mass Extinction? - Geological Society
Teachers Likelier to Label Black Students 'Troublemakers' - APA
Thursday, April 16
First Sign of Self-Interacting Dark Matter? - European Southern Obs.
Chimps Show Ability to Plan Route in Mazes - Georgia State Univ.
Warming Seas May Threaten Seafood Menu - University of Exeter
Six Major Questions about HIV/AIDS - Elsevier
Wednesday, April 15
Why Do Humans Have Chins? - University of Iowa
Making Objects Invisible without Metamaterial Cloaks - ITMO Univ.
America's Smartest Kids Are Being Neglected - University of Iowa
1 in 3 Sexually Assaulted Teen Boys Attempts Suicide - U. of Buffalo
Tuesday, April 14
Tylenol Reduces Both Pain and Pleasure - The Ohio State University
Taste, Color of Wine Depend on Production Methods - Elsevier
Psychologists' Treatment Methods May Not Matter - U. Manchester
Can We Get Norovirus from Our Dogs? - Am. Society for Microbiology
Monday, April 13
Supernova Gives New Look at Universe Expansion - Univ. of Arizona
An Inside Look at the Most Powerful Explosions - Ohio State
What Happens Underground When an Asteroid Strikes - Duke
A New Birth Story for a Huge Marine Predator - Yale University
Friday, April 10
Greatest Extinction Ever Driven by Acidic Oceans - U. of Edinburgh
To Save Coral Reefs, Add More Fish - Wildlife Conservation Society
Seasonal, Year-Long Cycles Seen on Sun - NASA
Nearly 1 in 10 Adults Has Anger Issues & Access to Guns - Duke U.
Thursday, April 9
Realistic Robot Terrifies Fish - New York University
Stress & Obesity: Your Family Can Make You Fat - Univ. of Houston
Typing Patterns May Reveal Disease - MIT
Printable Biosensor Could Detect Contaminated Food - McMaster U.
Wednesday, April 8
Facebook Use Linked to Depression - University of Houston
Female Candidates Help Political Parties Win Votes - MIT
Did Primordial DNA Appear Spontaneously? - University of Colorado
Swamp Bacteria Forms Dynamic, Living Crystals - Rockefeller Univ.
Tuesday, April 7
Depression, Insomnia Linked to Nightmares - AASM
Black Holes Don't Erase Information - University of Buffalo
The Discontent of Frustrated Magnets - Princeton University
Growing Algae in Wastewater Solves Two Problems - Rice Univ.

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