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Monday, August 3
The Dream Ebola Vaccine Is Here - Jeremy Farrar, The Guardian
How We Know Evolution Is Happening - Chris Baraniuk, BBC Earth
Earliest Known Example of Procreation - Laura Geggel, LiveScience
Your Office AC Is Sexist - Joseph Stromberg, Vox
Tiny Black Holes Won't Destroy Universe - Adrian Cho, Science Now
A Plan for Supersized Entanglement - Hamish Johnston, Phys World
Friday, July 31
Ebola Vaccine 100% Successful - Sarah Boseley, The Guardian
The Real Miracle of Acupuncture - Neurobonkers, Big Think
Huge Snail Running Amok in Florida - Kerry Sheridan, D-News
Meet the Giant Sea Spider - Colin Barras, NewScientist
You Don't Get an Opinion on Facts - Jef Rouner, Houston Press
Tiny Piece of Mouse Brain Reconstructed - Alison Abbott, Nature
Thursday, July 30
Most Vermin-Infested Cities in America - Patrick Clark, Bloomberg
A Clue to the Cause of Geomagnetic Reversals - Sarah Lewin, Space
Shipwreck Treasure Contains Rare Gold Coin - Elizabeth Palermo, LS
560K-Yr-Old Human Tooth Found in France - Eilish O'gara, Newsweek
Have We Hit Peak Whiteness? - Courtney Humphries, Nautilus
Aquariums Are Good for Your Health - Mark Kinver, BBC News
Wednesday, July 29
So, Can We Call Pluto a Planet Again? - Sarah Fecht, Popular Science
Europa's 'Brown Gunk' Suggests Briny Sea - Lee Billings, SciAm
Mating with Neanderthals Changed Us - Ewen Callaway, Nature News
Colossal Hoax of Organic Agriculture - Miller & Kershen, Forbes
Inside the World's Quietest Room - Sebastian Anthony, Ars Technica
Road to the Future Paved with Glass? - Antony Funnell, ABC Science
Tuesday, July 28
When Your Brain Says You Don't Exist - Anil Ananthaswamy, NPR
How Biologists Can Fix Economics - Kate Douglas, NewScientist
Sockeye Salmon Dying Due to Hot Water - Keith Ridler, AP
The Explosion of Bacterial Life - Kevin Hartnett, Quanta Magazine
Converting Smog into Jewelry - Rebecca Harrington, Popular Science
Why Do Archaeology Frauds Work so Hard? - Ted Scheinman, Aeon
Monday, July 27
Internet Shaming: Modern Witch Hunting - Ross Pomeroy, RCS
97 Bodies Stuffed into Ancient House - Owen Jarus, LiveScience
Ancient Volcano Tattooed Earth - Elizabeth Goldbaum, Discovery News
Oil Droplets Turn Cells into Lasers - Allie Wilkinson, Nature News
Georgetown Embraces Pseudoscience - David Gorski, Sci-Based Med
Choose Artificial Sweeteners over Sugar - Aaron Carroll, NY Times
Friday, July 24
Four-Legged Fossil Snake Found - Anastasia Christakou, Nature
New Forms of Life Found in Deep Ocean - Robert Gebelhoff, Wash Post
Why Fireflies Glow. Mystery Solved? - Jason Bittel, Nat Geo
The Best Place on Earth to See the Sky - Govert Schilling, Smithsonian
Bed-Wetting Treatments Are Bad Science - Megan Cartwright, Slate
What Women Want in a Penis - Elizabeth Palermo, LiveScience

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