RealClearScience Evening Edition

Monday, March 30
Parenting: Quality Trumps Quantity - Brigid Schulte, Wash Post
Egyptians Brewed Beer in Tel Aviv 5K Years Ago - Megan Gannon, LS
Science Can't Always Explain Illusions - Jason England, Cosmos
NASA Clarifies Future Space Station Plans - George Dvorsky, io9
Quantum Correlation Can Be Causation - Edwin Cartlidge, Phys World
The Brave New World of DNA Synthesis - Jeffrey Marlow, Wired
Friday, March 27
It's Time for Robot Pilots - Jason Koebler, Motherboard
A New Class of Dyson Sphere - MIT Technology Review
Bizarre Bulge Found on Ganymede - Nadia Drake, National Geographic
New Plan to Fight Antibiotic Resistance - Abutaleb & Baertlein, Reuters
Biohack Grants Temporary Night Vision - Max Plenke, Mic
What It's Like to Teach Evolution in Kentucky - James Krupa, Slate
Thursday, March 26
315-Year-Old Science Experiment - Jonathon Keats, Nautilus
Graphene Sandwich Makes 'Square Ice' - Mark Peplow, Nature News
Bacteria Use Magnets as 'Batteries' - Catherine Brahic, NewScientist
Did Neurons Evolve Twice? - Emily Singer, Quanta Magazine
Boredom Makes People More Creative - Sarah Knapton, Telegraph
Americans Don't Care About Environment? - Alexandra Sifferlin, Time
Wednesday, March 25
Top 10 Happiest Countries All in Latin America - Laura Geggel, LS
Dwarf Planet Ceres Could Host Life - Jacob Aron, NewScientist
The Length of Saturn's Day - Nola Redd,
Found: Mass Grave of 'Monster Salamanders' - Jonathan Webb, BBC
Our Brains See Words as Pictures - Amanda Onion, Discovery News
Weather: 'Partly Cloudy' vs. 'Partly Sunny' - Cliff Mass, Weather Blog
Tuesday, March 24
Jupiter: Key to Our Unique Solar System? - Stuart Gary, ABC Science
The Most Neglected Disease - Jens Erik Gould, Slate
How Obesity Became a Disease - Harriet Brown, The Atlantic
Bacterial Olive Tree Disease Spreads in Italy - BBC News
How Big Data Is Changing Basketball - Eric Niiler, Discovery News
Episcopal Bishop: Climate Denial Immoral - S. Goldenberg, Guardian
Monday, March 23
Largest Asteroid Impact Zone Found - Clarissa Thorpe, ABC
New, Strong Layer Found Inside Earth - Maddie Stone, Motherboard
Human Feces Contain Lots of Gold - Hannah Devlin, The Guardian
The Antibiotics Problem in Meat - Olga Khazan, The Atlantic
Is Medicine's Gender Bias Killing Women? - Maya Dusenbery, PS Mag
Why Do We Laugh Inappropriately? - David Robson, BBC Future
Friday, March 20
Alcoholics Anonymous Is Irrational - Gabrielle Glaser, Atlantic
Chronic Pain Caused by Bacteria? - Michael Brooks, NewStatesman
Short-Sightedness Becoming an Epidemic - Elie Dolgin, Nature
Trendy Science Diets You Have to Try - Dean Burnett, The Guardian
There Are Too Many Scientific Studies - Brad Plumer, Vox
Global Warming's Terrifying New Era - Eric Holthaus, Slate

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