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Friday, May 22
Why It Pays to Be a Jerk - Jerry Useem, The Atlantic
Engineered Fungus Is 'Part Human' - Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News
GMOs Could Save the World, if We Let Them - T. Parrett, Newsweek
U.S. May Get Billion-Dollar Collider - Edwin Cartlidge, Nature News
Hyperloop Test Track to Be Built - Tanya Lewis, LiveScience
An Arctic Search for the Origin of Dogs - David Grimm, Science Now
Thursday, May 21
The New Shape of Fusion - Daniel Clery, Science News
WTC: Fastest Elevators in Western Hemisphere - L. Greenemeier, SA
What Is Killing Kazakhstan's Rare Antelope? - Baker, Sharipzhan, RFE
Is Depression a Symptom of Parkinson's? - A. LaFrance, Atlantic
Bronze Age Woman Led a Modern Life - Brandon Keim, NatGeo
Why Pundits Are Bad at Predicting the Future - Antony Funnell, ABC
Wednesday, May 20
Everybody, Calm Down About Breastfeeding - Emily Oster,
Quantifying the Soft, Doughy 'Dad Bod' - Barro & Wolfers, NY Times
Pipeline Oil Spill Fouls California Coast - Alan Taylor, The Atlantic
Humpback Fish at Risk of Extinction - John Platt, Scientific American
Obama's 1500-Mile 'Butterfly Corridor' - Jenni Avins, Quartz
Quiet Zone: Where Cell Phones Are Banned - Holba & Hall, BBC News
Tuesday, May 19
Generational Labels Are Lazy and Wrong - Rebecca Onion, Aeon
Is Nicotine as Benign as Caffeine? - Kate Kelland, Reuters
Drought Will Strain Western U.S. Power Grid - George Dvorsky, io9
Will Computers Redefine Roots of Math? - Kevin Hartnett, Quanta
The Science of Craving - Amy Fleming, Intelligent Life
Facebook Is Making You Sad - Seriously, Science?
Monday, May 18
Why Do Men Even Exist? - Rachel Feltman, Washington Post
Most Sex Statistics Are Wrong - Tim Harford, Undercover Economist
Yeast Engineered to Make Morphine - Rachel Ehrenberg, Nature News
Defecation Really Is Fascinating - Annalisa Barbieri, The Guardian
Short-Sightedness Rising in Europe - Science 2.0
What Caused Capitalism? - Jeremy Adelman, Foreign Affairs
Friday, May 15
Why Is the Public So Wrong? - Steven Novella, Neurologica
A Stunning Example of False Memory - Jim Dwyer, New York Times
95% of Parents Have Weight Blind Spot - Lenny Bernstein, Wash Post
An Anti-Poverty Program That Really Works - Francie Diep, PS Mag
Water: The Weirdest Liquid on the Planet - Alok Jha, The Guardian
Space Spirals Could Explain Existence - Michael Slezak, NewScientist
Thursday, May 14
'Most Distinct' Causes of Death in Each State - Rachael Rettner, LS
Woman Who Pulled Out All Her Own Hair - Olga Khazan, The Atlantic
Extinction Risk for 16% of Species - Roheeni Saxena, Ars Technica
A Most Kinky Moth - Carrie Arnold, The Scientist
Soft Robot Could Swim Europa's Oceans - Abby Ohlheiser, WaPo
The Trouble with Scientists - Philip Ball, Nautilus
Wednesday, May 13
Probe Catches Glimpse of Pluto's Faint Moons - Jonathan Amos, BBC
Could Ethers Serve as 'DNA' on Oily Planets? - A. Hadhazy, Astrobio.
Two-Thirds of Earth Covered in Clouds - Stuart Gary, ABC Science
Antarctic Ice Shelf Facing Possible Collapse - G. Vaidyanathan, SciAm
Rats Forgo Treats to Help Distressed Cagemate - C. Engelking, D-Brief
New Bee Crisis Same as the Old One: Phony - Henry Miller, Forbes
Tuesday, May 12
Rise of the Incredible Edible Insect - Brooke Borel, Popular Science
A 7.3-Magnitude Aftershock Hits Nepal - Adam Chandler, The Atlantic
Is Cosmology's Hot Streak Finally Over? - Ross Andersen, Aeon
Gene Expression Is Seasonal - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
The Brain's Homing Signal - Simon Makin, Scientific American
Tackling the Black Muck of Chesapeake Bay - Jackson Landers, WaPo

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