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Wednesday, April 23
On Vaccines, What Is the CDC Thinking? - Henry Miller, Forbes
Celestial Cues Point Desert Ants Home - Dani Cooper, ABC Science
Virtual Earth Plays Out Fate of Life - Catherine Brahic, NewScientist
How U.S. Built the Most Accurate Atomic Clock - Adam Mann, Wired
Is Music Really All About Sex? - Philip Ball, BBC Future
Tuesday, April 22
Why Healthy Food Tastes Bad - Derek Thompson, The Atlantic
Asteroids Cause Dozens of Nuclear-Scale Blasts in Atmosphere - PA
Beautifully Preserved 100M-Year-Old Fly - Smithsonian Science
Did Scientific Misconduct Lead to a Nobel Prize? - Esther Inglis, io9
The Battle for Our Public Lands - Alfred Runte, Desert Protective Council
Longest Land Mammal Migration in Lower 48 - Brian Howard, NatGeo
Monday, April 21
Climate Change Could Start the Next World War - Eric Holthaus, Slate
Mechanism Behind Mega-Heatwaves Found - Hannah Hoag, Nature News
Your Fingerprints May Not Be Unique - Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph
Pompeii Is 'Exposed and Vulnerable' - Eve Conant, National Geographic
Unclaimed Bodies: Anatomy's Shameful Inheritance - Gareth Jones, NS
Newton Blog: Monkeys Do Basic Math with Symbols
Friday, April 18
The Real Reason We Can't Find Flight 370 - Charlie Campbell, Time
Is the U.S. an Oligarchy? A Study Says Yes. - Andrew Prokop, Vox
Why Your Dog Is Smarter Than My Baby - Kate Gammon, Popular Science
How Do We Explain The Evolution Of Religion? - Barbara King, NPR
Why Evidence Often Doesn't Dispel Myths - Neurobonkers, Big Think
What Lies Beneath the Panama Canal - Karla Zabludovsky, Newsweek
Thursday, April 17
Why Do People See Faces in the Moon? - Nadia Drake, Nat'l Geographic
Modern Sharks Aren't 'Living Fossils' - Tanya Lewis, Live Science
Can Cloning Resurrect Extinct Mountain Goat? - Kai Kupferschmidt, Sci.
Me, My Genome, & 23andMe - Austin Hughes, The New Atlantis
Spooky World of the 'Numbers Stations' - Olivia Sorrel-Dejerine, BBC
Wednesday, April 16
Beards Might Be Back, But Not for Long - Anna Salleh, ABC Science
Which Foods Will Help You Sleep? - Jill Adams, Washington Post
Blue Energy: Power from the Oceans - Jeff Tollefson, Nature News
Severe Scurvy Struck Columbus' Crew - Dan Vergano, Nat'l Geographic
Is Vladimir Putin a Narcissist? - Joseph Burgo, The Atlantic
Tuesday, April 15
Atheists Intuitively Judged as Immoral - Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard
Why Do Crazy People Dominate Food Debates? - Hank Campbell, S2.0
You = Environment + Epigenetics + Microbiome - Ben Locwin, GLP
Why Are Women Likelier to Get Alzheimer's? - Esther Landhuis, Science
Tree of Life: The Evolution of Evolution - Johanna Kieniewicz, Brit. Library
Wolves Don't Really Howl at the Moon - Lance Richardson, Slate
Monday, April 14
For a Happy Marriage, Stay Well Fed - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
How Cubicles Shape American Work Life - Rebecca Rosen, The Atlantic
El Nino Could Be a Monster This Year - Adam Mann, Wired
Artificial Blood to Be Created in Factories? - Tanjil Rashid, Telegraph
The Inventor of Everything - Ben Popper, The Verge
'Big Bird' Neutrino Has Highest Energy Yet - Celeste Biever, NewScientist

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