RealClearScience Evening Edition

Tuesday, September 27
Stop Complaining About NASA's "Fake" Colors - Paul Sutter, Space
Do Earth's Laws Apply to Mars Colonists? - Sarah Fecht, Pop Science
Hawking's Misplaced Worries About Aliens - Seth Shostak, Guardian
The Secret Lives of Long-Lived Particles - Sarah Charley, Symmetry
First Baby Born to "3-Parent" Technique - Jessica Hamzelou, NewSci
Don't Rush a Return to Sports - Timothy Miller, BioMed Central Blogs
Monday, September 26
The Moral Cost of Cats - Rachel Gross, Smithsonian
Psychologist Rejects Her Popular Theory - Jesse Singal, Science of Us
The Arrow of Time Is All in Our Heads - Robert Lanza, Discover
How the FDA Controls the Media - Charles Seife, Scientific American
Mysterious Ocean Blobs Aren't So Mysterious - Ed Yong, The Atlantic
The Quest to Build a Bionic Spine - KJ Lee, Ars Technica
Friday, September 23
When Did Sex Become Fun? - Holly Dunsworth, Sapiens
Humans Lead Suspects in Hobbit Extinction - Ewen Callaway, Nature
Why Psychology Has No Need for Souls - George Paxinos, Conversation
Ig Nobel Prize Winners Announced - Jonathan Amos, BBC News
China Claims It Has a Quantum Radar - Kyle Mizokami, Pop Mech
Thursday, September 22
Giant Space Telescope to Start Search for Aliens - Katie Hunt, CNN
Some Nuclei Close to Quantum Transition - Edwin Cartlidge, P-World
How Random Is Randomness? - Zuckerman & Chattopadhyay, Conv
Is a Science Career Only for the Rich? - Nature News
Let Industry Fund Science - Andrew Brown, Slate
Wednesday, September 21
Big Migration Out of Africa 50K Years Ago - Gibbons & Culotta, Science
The Natural Selection of Bad Science - Hannah Devlin, The Guardian
Junk Science Misled Chronic Fatigue Patients - Julie Rehmeyer, Stat
Creationism Invades Europe - Kjærgaard & Blancke, Scientific American
Brains + Sex = Controversy - Neuroskeptic, Discover
How to Prevent a Real "Star War" - Freeland, Stephens, & Jakhu, Conv
Tuesday, September 20
Einstein's Rings: Bizarre Cosmic Illusions - Joshua Sokol, NewScientist
The First-Known Failed Supernova - Christopher Crockett, SciNews
The People Clouding the Climate Debate - Toles & Mann, Wash Post
Tardigrade Protein Helps Human DNA - Jason Bittel, Nature News
Fundamental Limits of Machine Learning - Jesse Dunietz, Nautilus
The Writer Who Saw the Future - Simon John James, The Conversation
Monday, September 19
The Big Problem With Vanilla - Melody Bomgardner, C & E News
Human Skeleton Found on Famous Shipwreck - Jo Marchant, Nature
Chinese Space Lab to Fall to Earth - Mike Wall,
Quantum Teleportation Across Cities - Hamish Johnston, Physics World
Are We Ready for Quantum Computers? - Editors, BloombergView
Can You Arrest a Robot? - Jamie Condliffe, MIT Technology Review

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