RealClearScience Evening Edition

Tuesday, August 30
How to Think Like Shakespeare - Scott L. Newstok, The Chronicle
Implant Might Help Us Compete With A.I. - Kiki Sanford, Nautilus
Another Classic Psychology Finding Blows Up - Daniel Engber, Slate
Dogs Understand Human Words and Tone - Nicola Davis, Guardian
Nuclear Power Plants Prepare for Old Age - Jeff Tollefson, Nature
In Defense of the Term "Pseudoscience" - Steven Novella, Neurologica
Monday, August 29
An Intriguing SETI Candidate Signal - Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams
Stop Using the Word "Pseudoscience" - Katie Burke, American Scientist
Lucy Likely Died From Falling Out of a Tree - Jen Viegas, D-News
How Scientific Progress Is Broken - Annalee Newitz, Ars Technica
Brain-Eating Parasite Could Fight Cancer - Hany Elsheikha, Conv
Lightning Kills 300 Reindeer - Michael Greshko, National Geographic
Friday, August 26
A "Weather Bomb" Shook the Earth - David Rothery, Conversation
Is It Neander-TAL or Neander-THAL? - Bridget Alex, Discover
Why Politics Is Growing More Tribal - Zaria Gorvett, BBC Future
The Other Side of a Black Hole - James MacDonald, JSTOR Daily
The Hype and Hope of Artificial Intelligence - Om Malik, New Yorker
Divorce Rates Double When the Porn Starts - David Shultz, Science
Thursday, August 25
Lesser Known Facts About the Big Bang - Matt Francis, Symmetry
Towards Re-Creating the First Life on Earth - Emily Singer, Quanta
Two-Atom Molecules the Size of Bacteria - Sophia Chen, P-World
Your Microbiome Did Not Make You Fat - Science 2.0
Zika Seems to Thrive in the Vagina - Julie Beck, The Atlantic
Organic Farms Yield 20% Fewer Crops - Alex B. Berezow, ACSH
Wednesday, August 24
Earth-Like Planet Orbits Closest Star to Sun - Nadia Drake, Nat Geo
What the Big Exoplanet Discovery Means - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
One Small Step Back to the Moon - Joshua Hampson, RealClearPolicy
Are Liberal Academics Truly Tolerant? - Mark Brandt, Aeon Magazine
New Sex Orientation Study Will Be Misused - Scott Shackford, Reason
Why Doctors Don't Worry About Pot - Nathaniel Morris, Sci American
Tuesday, August 23
Alzheimer's Puzzle Is Coming Together - Bruce Goldman, Scope Blog
The Neuroscience of Bad Decisions - Emily Singer, Quanta Magazine
How a Stroke Solved a Mystery of Reading - Daniel Barron, Sci Am
Obama's Science Legacy: Uneven Progress - R. Monastersky, Nature
Science Communication's Biggest Problem - Richard Grant, Guardian
Physicists Are Trying to Beat Roulette - Graham Kendall, Conversation
Monday, August 22
Baby Boomers Drinking to Early Grave - Tony Rao, The Conversation
The Mission to Find World's Rarest Cat - Chelsea Whyte, NewScientist
Brain's Chemical Signals Seen in Real-Time - Sara Reardon, Nature
The Strange Physics of Coffee Rings - Kendra Redmond, Physics Central
How Monkeys Brave Fires and Hurricanes - Sarah Hewitt, BBC Earth
Hidden Mexican Codex Discovered - Maev Kennedy, The Guardian

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