RealClearScience Evening Edition

Friday, February 27
Optical Illusion Drives Internet Insane - Adam Rogers, Wired
Bees Can Have False Memories - Marissa Fessenden, Smithsonian
Gene May Have Granted Human Intelligence - Tia Ghose, LiveScience
Why Americans Don't Think They're Fat - Peter Janiszewski, PLoS
Sex Education Should Be in Common Core - Alice Dreger, PSMag
Two Quantum Properties Teleported - T. Commissariat, Phys World
Thursday, February 26
What if a Nuke Detonated over Manhattan? - Starr et al., BotAS
Enviros Are Biggest Threat to Planet - Senapathy & Miller, Forbes
Dogs Forget Events After Two Minutes - James Owen, NatGeo
Music Made for Cats Wins Feline Approval - Jennifer Viegas, D-News
How Batteries Work: A Physicist Explains - Rhett Allain, Wired
Yes, Male Lactation Is Possible - Jake Seiner, Mental Floss
Wednesday, February 25
OCD Is a Serious Illness, Not a Funny Quirk - Fatima Tipu, Atlantic
True Genius in an Age of Information - Rex Jung, Slate
Manhattan Project: Building the Bomb - Emily Strasser, BotAS
Google Machine Masters Video Games - Rebecca Morelle, BBC News
Math: A Key Ingredient to Legit Science - Brian Koberlein, SWaB!
Tricking Tumors into Revealing Their Presence - B. Goldman, Scope
Tuesday, February 24
UN Climate Chief Resigns Amid Sexual Scandal - BBC News
Should You Fact-Check Grandma's Facebook Posts? - Lyz Lenz, Aeon
The Milky Way Is a Galactic Vampire - The Economist
Massive Orion Nebula's Origins Uncovered? - Ken Croswell, SciAm
Rarest Big Cat on Earth Making a Comeback - Elizabeth Palermo, LS
5 Pets Who Helped Solve Owners' Murders - Jake Rossen, M-Floss
Monday, February 23
The Downside of Owning a Car - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
What to Do About Pseudoskepticism - Michael Shermer, Sci American
Your Subconscious Is Surprisingly Smart - Tom Stafford, BBC Future
Antarctica: the Key to Mankind's Future - Borenstein & Henao, AP
Is The Sun Trapping Dark Matter? - Tim Wogan, Physics World
The Weird World of Carbon Fiber - Lee Hutchinson, Ars Technica
Friday, February 20
Infinity Is Ruining Physics - John Brockman, Discover
We'll First Find Aliens on 'Eyeball' Planets - Sean Raymond, Nautilus
Please Don't Go to Mars - You'll Die - Tosin Thompson, NewStatesman
Why Men Think Women Are Flirting - Sofia Lyons, Science of Us
Do We Need a Female Viagra? - Julia Greenberg, Wired
New Diet Guidelines Surprisingly Scientific - James Hamblin, Atlantic
Thursday, February 19
How Oregon's 2nd Largest City Vanished - Natasha Geiling, S'sonian
Mysterious MERS Virus Is Back - Helen Branswell, Scientific American
I Was Unvaccinated and a Danger to Society - John Aitchison, PSBJ
Time to Cap the Length of PhDs - Matthew Theisen, Primary Structure
What Motivates Some Scientists to Lie? - Rasko & Power, Guardian
Is Your 'Theory of Everything' Pure Enough? - G. Chiribella, Nautilus
Wednesday, February 18
How Much Coffee Do Babies Drink? - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
New Gene Therapy Stops HIV w/ Artificial Protein - Jon Cohen, Sci.
Notion of Two Genders Is Too Simplistic - Claire Ainsworth, Nature
Oral Sex May Be a Life Saver for Spiders - Aamna Mohdin, NewSci.
Seduced by Calculus - Alex Bellos, Cosmos Magazine
Top 10 Worst Jobs in Science - Bob Parks, Popular Science
Tuesday, February 17
Can Dogs Really Have a 'Guilty Look'? - Seriously, Science?
What's the Limit to the Planet's Growth? - Kerryn Higgs, ABC Science
Big Gains from Smaller Fusion Reactors - Michael Banks, Phys. World
Is 'Many Worlds' Hypothesis Just a Fantasy? - Philip Ball, Aeon
Wink-Activated Telescopic Contact Lenses - Drew Prindle, Dig. Trends
7 Things We Can Turn On/Off in Brain - Jessica Hullinger, M-Floss

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