RealClearScience Evening Edition

Tuesday, September 2
Propane-Making Bacteria: Energy Revolution? - Alex Berezow, RCS
West Has 80% Chance of Decade-Long Drought - Scott Johnson, AT
Iceland: Reshaping the Earth - Carolyn Kormann, New Yorker
Can't Sleep? Turn Off Your Electronics - Meeri Kim, WaPo
American 'Diet Gap' Widens - Tracie McMillan, National Geographic
Lies, Distrust Part of Life by Age 7 - Bianca Nogrady, ABC Science
Friday, August 29
Neil deGrasse Tyson on Left's Science Denial - Dan Arel, Patheos
Publication Bias Rampant in Social Sciences - Mark Peplow, Nature
Is the Internet Damaging Our Brains? - Tom Chivers, Telegraph
How Parasites Practice Mind Control - Carl Zimmer, New York Times
Study Resolves Pleiades Controversy - Andrew Fazekas, Nat Geo
Thursday, August 28
Synthetic Biology: Opium for the People - Alex Berezow, The Economist
DNA Sheds Light on Arctic's Earliest People - Heather Pringle, NatGeo
'Walking' Fish Holds Clues to Animal Evolution - Charles Choi, Live Sci.
The Poisoning of Africa's Vultures - Darcy Ogada, New York Times
Southeast Louisiana Is Disappearing - Bob Marshall, SciAm
The World's 50 Smartest Cities - George Stone, National Geographic
Wednesday, August 27
First Observation of Death Valley's Sliding Rocks - Alex Berezow, RCSci.
Welcome to Mars. Here's Where You'll Be Staying - Sarah Fecht, PopSci
Quark Quartet Fuels Quantum Feud - Natalie Wolchover, Quanta
A No-Frills Coat for Designer Viruses - Andy Extance, Chemistry World
Why Is the Left Now Rejecting GMO Labels? - Jon Entine, Gen. Lit. Proj.
Brilliance of Scientific Assumption - Brian Koberlein, Starts with a Bang!
Tuesday, August 26
Poverty & Crime: Bad News for Social Reformers - The Economist
Next Pandemic Will Be Nothing Like Ebola - Wendy Orent, Aeon
Life Under Ice: Antarctica's Secret Garden - Douglas Fox, Nature
Some Raindrops Fall Too Fast - Sid Perkins, Science News
Are Humans Any Good at Pheromones? - Jennifer Verdolin, Slate
Why Do Fingernails Grow Faster than Toenails? - Nick Stockton, Wired
Monday, August 25
How a Mental Disorder Disappeared Overnight - Jim Davies, Nautilus
The End of Tanning? - Olga Khazan, The Atlantic
Parents Think Their Overweight Kids Are Healthy - A. Sifferlin, Time
The Fight Against Food Fraud - Marc Reisch, Chemical & Engineering News
The Strange Rise and Fall of a Medical Journal - Neuroskeptic, Discover
Is Ecology Explaining Less and Less? - Erik Stokstad, Science Insider

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