RealClearScience Evening Edition

Tuesday, May 31
Maya Secrets Spotted From the Sky - Chris Baraniuk, BBC Future
Gravitational Waves May Show Stringy Universe - Chris Lee, Ars Tech
Seven Kinds of Aging Described - Susie Neilson, Nautilus
Science Has a Real Sexism Problem - Susie Neilson, Aeon Magazine
The Lost Women of Enlightenment Science - Patricia Fara, NewSci
On Balancing Church With the Cosmos - Summer Ash, Smithsonian
Friday, May 27
Climate Models Running Way Too Hot? - Ronald Bailey, Reason
The Real Problem With Fusion Energy - Maddie Stone, Gizmodo
Schroedinger's Cat Just Got Weirder - Rachel Feltman, Wash Post
Where Is the Edge of the Universe? - Paul Sutter,
Don't Pee in the Pool. Seriously. - Kate Baggaley, Slate
Sex in a Post-Pregnancy World - Yasmin Tayag, Inverse
Thursday, May 26
Tornado Town, USA - Maggie Koerth-Baker, FiveThirtyEight
Arctic Heat Wave Literally Off the Charts - Maddie Stone, Gizmodo
How Neutrinos Help Stars Go Supernova - Matthew Francis, Symmetry
Black Holes as Dark Matter? Not So Much. - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
Trump Vitamins Were Fortified With B.S. - Haglage & Mak, Daily Beast
'Van Gogh' Mummy Found in Spain - Rossella Lorenzi, Seeker
Wednesday, May 25
Has a 5th Force of Nature Been Found? - Edwin Cartlidge, Nature
Neanderthals Built Strange Stone Circles - Nadia Drake, Nat Geo
Could Black Holes Be Dark Matter? - Joel Achenbach, Washington Post
Confessions of a Wasteful Scientist - David Hu, Scientific American
More Young Adults Live With Parents Than Partners - NPR
The Man Who Can't Imagine - Helen Thomson, BBC Future
Tuesday, May 24
The Secret History of Ancient Toilets - Chelsea Wald, Nature News
There's Nothing Magical About Breakfast - Aaron Carroll, N.Y. Times
Mathematicians Bridge Finite & Infinite - Natalie Wolchover, Quanta
Should You Rescue Wild Animals? - Todd Wilkinson, Nat'l Geographic
The Nuns Who Charted the Stars - Laura Bliss, The Atlantic
GMO Opponents May Never Be Convinced - Jesse Singal, Sci of Us
Monday, May 23
Why Antarctica's Sea Ice Is Spreading - Belinda Smith, Cosmos
Physicists Make Water Explode - Michael Byrne, Motherboard
A Historic Fine Over Animal Welfare - Sara Reardon, Nature News
Solar Superflares Set Stage for Earth's Life - Irene Klotz, D-News
Companies Adapting to Climate Change - Nanette Byrnes, MIT Review
The Man Who Gets Stung for Science - Jason Bittel, Smithsonian

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