RealClearScience Evening Edition

Tuesday, September 30
Ice Records Are Being Set in the Antarctic - John Timmer, Ars Tech.
'Sunflower' Harvester Provides Power, Water - Paul Marks, NewSci.
What Insects Can Teach Us About Ourselves - Jon Weiner, NY'er
What Does 'Natural' Even Mean? - Eula Biss, The Atlantic
Europeans Hate U.S. 'Chlorine Chicken' - Susanna Capelouto, NPR
Vatican Archives: Pirate Attacks & Corrupt Clergy - Owen Jarus, LS
Monday, September 29
Pacific Northwest Warming Is Not Man-Made - John Upton, CC
Unemployment Linked to Drop in Fertility - Alex Berezow, RCSci.
Feedback Loop: Better Symbol of Life than DNA - Jamie Davies, Aeon
The Rise of the MD/MBA Degree - Vidya Viswanathan, The Atlantic
The Peculiar Case of a Mummy's Brain - Bahar Gholipour, Live Sci.
Take This Virus and Call Me in the Morning - J. Madhusoodanan, TS
Friday, September 26
Solar System's Water Older Than Sun - Irene Klotz, Discovery News
How to Spread Misinformation - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Dr. Oz: Organic Food Can Cure Autism - Kavin Senapathy, GLP
Why Don't We Have Hairier Faces? - Jason Goldman, BBC Future
The Dark Side of Empathy - Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard
Thursday, September 25
Gun Deaths 2x Higher Among Blacks as Whites - Paula Mejia, N'week
Enigmatic Fossils May Be Oldest Known Animals - Stuart Gary, ABC
Reaction Hints at Why Nature Is Biased - Hayley Simon, Chem. World
Are Weather Forecasts Getting More Accurate? - Matthew Wall, BBC
The Most Feared People in Liberia - Aryn Baker, Time
Why Don't We Treat Our Teeth Well? - Olga Khazan, The Atlantic
Wednesday, September 24
'Green Blob': The Biggest Threat to Bees - Henry Miller, Forbes
Fruit Fly Wing Patterns Are Highly Precise - J. Madhusoodanan, TS
Lizard Stowaways Revise Principle of Ecology - Emily Singer, Quanta
'Space Bubble' Caused Deadly Afghanistan Battle? - David Shultz, Sci.
Smelling E.T.: Alien Gas Detectors - Ethan Siegel, Slate
Ancient Megatrees of Arid Lands - Rowan Hooper, NewScientist
Tuesday, September 23
Ebola Outbreak Could Top 1 Million Victims - Karen Weintraub, NG
Five Authors of Science Paper Die of Ebola - Gretchen Vogel, Science
Brain Waves: An Objective Autism Diagnostic? - Loren Grush, PS
When Research Worlds Collide - Amanda Solliday, Symmetry
A Molten Metal Battery for the Grid? - Jonathan Webb, BBC News
Cutting into My First Cadaver - Christopher Carr, Ordinary Times
Monday, September 22
Cities, Towns Speak Different Languages - David Berreby, Big Think
You're Going to Die! So Buy Now! - Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard
Gravitational Waves Fully Explained by Dust - Ian Sample, Guardian
Global Treaty on Climate Looks Unlikely - Elizabeth Shogren, Nat Geo
World on Track for Worst-Case Climate Change - C. Brahic, NewSci

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