RealClearScience Evening Edition

Tuesday, October 25
Millennial Women Close the Drinking Gap - James Hamblin, Atlantic
Engineered Virus Could Stop Alcoholism - Cheng & Wang, Conv'sation
Glitch May Have Doomed Mars Lander - Elizabeth Gibney, Nature News
Closing in on a Giant Ghost Planet - Charles Q. Choi, Scientific American
Gravitational Wave Detectors: A Primer - Diana Kwon, Symmetry
Can Machines Become Moral? - Don Howard, Big Questions Online
Monday, October 24
Evidence of Unknown Extinct Human - Tina Hesman Saey, ScienceNews
It's Your Duty to Get a Flu Shot - Patricia Schnabel Ruppert, Conv'sation
Quantum Secrets of a Blue-Leaved Plant - Will Herkewitz, Pop Mech
Unusual H Bond Plays Big Role in Proteins - Celia Arnaud, C & E News
Friday, October 21
Why the Weather Forecast Is Often Wrong - Robby Berman, B-Think
Did a 40-Year-Old Experiment Find Mars Life? - Lisa Zyga, PhysOrg
Icy Heart Key to Pluto's Odd Geology - Alexandra Witze, Nature News
Hotter World Is Poorer and More Violent - David Rotman, MIT Review
Time Magazine Promotes Chemophobia - Ronald Bailey, Reason
The Pneumatic Subway That Almost Was - Matthew Wills, JSTOR Daily
Thursday, October 20
Common Cold May Be Beatable at Last - Carl Zimmer, Stat
How to Build Cloud Cities on Venus - Adam Becker, BBC Future
New Type of Galaxy Found With Side Project - L. Dattaro, Symmetry
How ExoMars' Lander May Have Crashed - Hannah Devlin, Guardian
Dangerous Fault Line Found in Bay Area - Will Herkewitz, Pop Mech
How Earth's Oldest Animals Were Fossilized - Lucas Joel, Science
Wednesday, October 19
Strange X-Ray Flares Defy Explanation - Xaq Rzetelny, Ars Technica
The Nazi Origins of Deadly Nerve Gases - Sarah Everts, C & E News
Loud Sounds Can Kill Hard Drives - Karl Kruszelnicki, ABC Science
How an Asexual Lizard Procreates - Patricia Edmonds, Nat'l Geographic
The 25 Worst Mammals to Keep as Pets - Brian Resnick, Vox
Tuesday, October 18
New Icy World Could Point to Planet Nine - Adam Mann, Science
Why Billionaires Have More Sons - Zaria Gorvett, BBC Future
Consciousness Is Tied to Entropy - Edwin Cartlidge, Physics World
The Scientists Who Support Donald Trump - Sara Reardon, Nature
Genital Warts From Neanderthal Hookups - Annalee Newitz, Ars Tech
Meet Arizona's Adorable Monster - Ed Yong, The Atlantic
Monday, October 17
Carbohydrates Aren't Making Us Fat - Julia Belluz, Vox
Why Bill Nye Changed His Mind on GMOs - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Big Sugar Is the New Big Tobacco - Alex Caro, RealClearScience
The Real Soylent Sickness - David Sax, The New Yorker
NASA's Plan to Hunt for Martian Fossils - Mark Strauss, Nat Geo
Galileo Fought Dirty With Fellow Scientists - Chris Graney, Atlantic
Working Eggs Grown From Stem Cells - Adam Watkins, Conversation
New Metabolism in Coal Bed Microbes - Jeffrey Marlow, Discover

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