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Monday, December 22
8,000-Year-Old Olive Oil Found in Clay Pots - Laura Geggel, Live Sci.
'Live Science' Publishes Anti-GMO Propaganda - Steve Savage, AM
China's Penchant for Plagiarizing Science Papers - Charles Seife, SA
Climate Change: Blame Arctic Squirrels? - Rebecca Morelle, BBC
Is Hair Dye Bad for Your Health? - Rebecca Guenard, Mosaic
Why We Embrace Conspiracy Theories - Oliver & Wood, NewScientist
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Friday, December 19
The Cold Medicine Racket - James Hamblin, The Atlantic
Can One Be Anti-Vaccine and Pro-Science? - Phil Plait, Slate
HPV Vaccine Does Not Cause Promiscuity - S. Gavura, Sci-Based Med
Monkey Sounds Translated to English - Joshua Krisch, Sci American
Does the Scientific Method Need Revision? - S. Hossenfelder, SwaB!
Europa's Geysers Disappear Mysteriously - Adam Mann, NewScientist
Thursday, December 18
Fear Artificial Stupidity, Not AI - Mark Bishop, NewScientist
What to Eat After the Apocalypse - Yvonne Bang, Nautilus
The Worst Science Fails of 2014 - Aaron Huertas, LiveScience
Is The Pen Mightier Than the Keyboard? - Anne Chemin, Guardian
Do Women Need Their Own Viagra? - Jacoba Urist, The Atlantic
Creatures That Have Sex in Your Coffee - Jennifer Viegas, D-News
Wednesday, December 17
What Darwin Screwed Up About Evolution - Matt Simon, Wired
The Top Five New Species of 2014 - Brenda Poppy, Discover
Sexual Cannibalism Is Twisted - Becky Ferreira, Motherboard
Does Mars' Methane Mean We've Found Life? - Ian Sample, Guardian
Earth's Deep Crust Could Support Life - Hannah Hoag, Nature News
The Psychology of Dueling - Esther Inglis-Arkell, io9
Tuesday, December 16
Deepest Marine Drill Reveals Fascinating Life - Rebecca Morelle, BBC
Five Ways to Stop Mass Extinction - Miles King, The Guardian
The Complex Wrath of the Ozone Hole - Holly Bik, Deep Sea News
Graphene: When Will We All Use It? - John Colapinto, The New Yorker
Pubic Hair Bacteria Could ID Rapists - Dalmeet Singh Chawla, Science
Monday, December 15
The Dangers of Winter Darkness - Brian Handwerk, Smithsonian
Positive Thinking Doesn't Work. This Might. - Melissa Dahl, Sci of Us
Did Wealth Drive Rise of Modern Religion? - Lizzie Wade, Science
To Stop Teen Drinking Parties, Fine Parents - Patti Neighmond, NPR
A Leap Forward for Quantum Internet - Stuart Clark, The Guardian
The Weirdest Science Stories of 2014 - Australian Science Media
Friday, December 12
The Disaster You're Not Hearing About - David Rothery, Conversation
Scientists Learn to Write - Alexandra Ossola, The Atlantic
Why Scientists Hate Their Journals - Michael White, Pacific Standard
The Case for Music During Surgery - Helen Thompson, Smithsonian
Hangover Severity May Be Partly Genetic - Sally Adams, The Guardian

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