RealClearScience Evening Edition

Tuesday, July 7
Common Meds Sway Moral Judgment - Kelly Servick, Science News
Zuckerberg's Vision of 'Facebook Telepathy' - Jesse Emspak, Live Sci.
Startups Race to Bring Hyperloop to Life - James Vlahos, PopSci
Where Are All the Electric Cars? - Jonathan Gitlin, Ars Technica
Happiness in Never-Ending Night - Kari Leibowitz, The Atlantic
The Case for Curiosity-Driven Research - Matt Theisen, Primary Struct
Monday, July 6
Are Cats Really Domesticated? - David Grimm, Slate
Millions of Mummified Dogs Unearthed in Egypt - NPR
Has Physics Cried Wolf too Often? - Jon Butterworth, The Guardian
Signs of Life on a Comet? Not So Fast. - Chris Lee, Ars Technica
New Computer Mimics Human Brain - Charles Q. Choi, LiveScience
Why 'Color Cures' for Mental Illness Endure - John Horgan, SciAm
Thursday, July 2
Parasite Thrives in Chlorinated Pools - Megan Cartwright, Slate
Are There Other Pale Blue Dots? - Caleb Scharf, Nautilus
Why Do Cops Kill? - Michael Shermer, Scientific American
Forensic Test Pins Down Time of Death - Victoria Gill, BBC News
Photos: New Zealand's Glowworm Caves - Christopher Jobson, Colossal
In Negotiations, Crying Helps You Get a Better Deal - Seriously, Sci?
Wednesday, July 1
Conservatives & Liberals Equally Anti-GMO - Ross Pomeroy, RCSci
Was Human Evolution Inevitable? - Dan Falk, Aeon Magazine
Deadly Citrus Bacterium Hacks Insect Behavior - Jonathan Ball, BBC
Black Death: From Tummy Bug to Deadly Plague - R. Feltman, WaPo
Rare Birds Being Loved to Extinction - Richard Conniff, Cosmos
High Temperature Messing with Sex of Lizards - Seth Borenstein, AP
Tuesday, June 30
What to Do if You Encounter a Bear - Sara Lentati, BBC News
Don't Take Toad Toxin Aphrodisiacs - Megan Cartwright, Slate
Female Flies Expel Sperm and Eat It - Elizabeth Preston, Inkfish
Gender Differences in Pain Sensitivity - Moheb Costandi, Nature
A Dying Cell's Last Act - Viviane Richter, Cosmos Magazine
Music a Universal Language? Not Quite - Dani Cooper, ABC Science
Monday, June 29
The Dangers of Disney's Darwin Film - Philip Ball, The Guardian
Don't Believe Evolution? Try Thinking Harder - T. Lombrozo, NPR
Grains Aren't Draining Your Brain - Alan Levinovitz, Science of Us
What Is the Speed of Thought? - Tim Welsh, The Conversation
Why So Many Shark Attacks? - Brian Clark Howard, Nat'l Geographic
Why Some Flowers Only Smell at Night - Alex Berezow, RCScience

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