RealClearScience Evening Edition

Thursday, October 23
'I'm Not a Scientist' Is a Terrible Excuse - David Shiffman, Slate
Why Wasn't WHO Ready for Ebola? - Joshua Keating, Slate
Quarantines Work... if China Runs Them - Laurie Garrett, FP
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Problem - Chris Stringer, Nature News
How Safe Is Moldy Food to Eat? - Michael Mosley, BBC News
6,000-Year-Old Temple in Ukraine Found - Owen Jarus, Live Science
Wednesday, October 22
When Did Humans Breed with Neanderthals? - Pallab Ghosh, BBC
When Did Megalodon Go Extinct? - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Bizarre Dinosaur Reconstructed - Ian Sample, Guardian
Ancient Halo Stars Cast Milky Way's First Light - Ken Croswell, SA
Will Your Next Best Friend Be a Robot? - Adam Piore, PopSci
The Year's Best Wildlife Photography - National Geographic
Tuesday, October 21
How to Make Scientists Publish the Truth - Alex Berezow, RCScience
Whites Likelier to Be Killed by Cops than Blacks - R. VerBruggen, RCP
How Many Ebola Deaths Are There, Really? - Martin Enserink, Sci.
King Tut Re-Creation Is a Shocking Image - Rossella Lorenzi, D-News
The Introverted Face - James Hamblin, The Atlantic
Money Makes People Hate Less - John Timmer, Ars Technica
Monday, October 20
Big Boobs Matter Most - Anne Skomorowsky, Pacific Standard
Why the 1st Mars Mission Should Be All Female - Kate Greene, Slate
UW-Madison's Strong Defense of Science - Speaking of Research
How Fear of Vaccines Takes Hold - Vanessa Wamsley, The Atlantic
Are Factual And Religious Belief the Same? - Tania Lombrozo, NPR
Friday, October 17
Can Lockheed Deliver on Fusion? - Jeff Tollefson, Nature News
There's No Such Thing as Reptiles - Dustin Welbourne, Conversation
The Closed Mind of Richard Dawkins - John Gray, NewStatesman
The Top Ten Unsung Geniuses - Tom Siegfried, Nautilus
Italian Scientists Appeal Quake Conviction - David Wolman, Wired
How to Clean an Ebola Patient's Home - Rachel Nuwer, Smithsonian
Thursday, October 16
Europe's Hidden Ebola Cases - Barbie Nadeau, Daily Beast
Why Are Bats Such Good Disease Hosts? - Nadia Drake, Wired
The Psychological Toll of Bedbugs - Rose Eveleth, The Atlantic
Your Eye's Microbiome - Rina Shaikh-Lesko, The Scientist
Saturn Moon 'Mimas' May Hide an Ocean - Irene Klotz, Discovery
13 of the Most Dangerous Toys Ever Made - Rob Bricken, io9
Wednesday, October 15
2nd Ebola Nurse Broke Protocol, Flew on Plane - Levs & Yan, CNN
Biggest Risk in Ebola Fight Is Gear Removal - Tanya Lewis, Live Sci.
Ebola Driving Up Chocolate Prices - Gregory Warner, NPR
Woman Who Sees 100 Times More Color - Alexandra Ossola, PopSci
Monster Kangaroo a Walker, Not a Hopper - Discovery News
Tuesday, October 14
Why Asia's Glaciers Are Mysteriously Growing - Stephanie Pappas, LS
To Help World Hunger, Build Better Roads - Kenneth Quinn, NG
More Fraudulent Science Papers in China - Mara Hvistendahl, Science
Who's in Charge During the Ebola Crisis? - Laura Kahn, BotAS
How Self-Harm Makes People Feel Better - Carrie Arnold, Aeon
Turning Toes into Thumbs - Henry McKenna, The Atlantic
Monday, October 13
Why Making Decisions Is Exhausting - Jane C. Hu, Slate
Iceland's Epic Eruption: When Will It End? - Devin Powell, Nat Geo
2,500-Mile Cloud of Methane over the Southwest - Henry Gass, CSM
Hawking Radiation Mimicked in the Lab - Ron Cowen, Nature News
Meet the CDC's Dirty Dozen Diseases - Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News

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