RealClearScience Evening Edition

Monday, November 30
The World's Rarest Ape - Melissa Hogenboom, BBC Earth
Tiny Particle Accelerators Are Coming - Tia Ghose, LiveScience
A Tale of Two Papers - Neuroskeptic, Discover
Clumps of Dark Matter May Lie Beyond Moon - Eric Berger, Ars Tech
You Probably Don't Need 8 Hours of Sleep - Sharon Begley, STAT
DNA Hunting in a Land Beneath the Sea - Elizabeth Preston, Wired
Wednesday, November 25
Is Eating Fat Really Bad for You? - Julia Belluz, Vox
Constipation: An Historical View - Helen King, Wonders & Marvels
Solving the Asthma Riddle - Elizabeth Finkel, Cosmos Magazine
Bezos Claims Success on 2nd Spaceship Flight - Jonathan Amos, BBC
Move 2,000 Pounds with a Fingertip - Michele Debczak, Mental Floss
How Lucy Changed Our View of Evolution - Lily Rothman, Time
Tuesday, November 24
Math Confirms Pluto Isn't a Planet - Rick Lovett, Cosmos Magazine
El Nino Hits a New Record - Brian Kahn, Climate Central
Physicists Want to Be Wrong About Higgs Boson - S. Brewster, Wired
Are Pedophiles' Brains Wired Differently? - Richard Sanders, BBC
Spider Personalities Affect Pest Control - Elizabeth Preston, Inkfish
Ancient Bibles Made from Livestock - Andrew Curry, Science News
Monday, November 23
Mars to Become a Ringed Planet - Irene Klotz, Discovery News
Is Anything in the Universe Constant? - Sean Carroll, PBS NewsHour
Mapping the World's Largest Volcano - Brian Clark Howard, Nat Geo
Biggest Mystery in Weather Technology - Adrienne LaFrance, Atlantic
80-Year-Old Prank in the Periodic Table - Robert Krulwich, Phenom
What Is Healthy Eating? - Alex Renton, The Guardian
Friday, November 20
Lost Island of Ancient Greece Discovered - Nick Romeo, Nat Geo
ITER Fusion to Take Six Years Longer - Daniel Clery, Science Insider
Evolution Is Winning Out Over Creationism - Rachel Gross, Slate
Men Overeat to Impress Women - Julie Beck, The Atlantic
The Downsides of Being Clean - Katia Moskvitch, BBC Future
How Medicine Impacts Your Sex Life - Meeri Kim, Washington Post

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