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Friday, May 1
Professor Fails His Entire Class - Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed
How to Learn with Zero Effort - David Robson, BBC Future
Wearing a Suit Changes How You Think - Joe Pinsker, Atlantic
How a Family Was Freed from Pseudoscience - A. Levinovitz, Wired
The Case for Engineered Babies - Christopher Gyngell, The Guardian
Massive Underwater Volcano Erupts - Alexandra Witze, Nature News
Thursday, April 30
Futuristic EM Space Drive May Actually Work - NASA Spaceflight
Can Tidal Forces Trigger Earthquakes? - Robin Wylie, Sci American
Toxic? Our Food Is Too Non-Toxic - Mark Schatzker, Globe and Mail
The Most Polluted Bird in the World - John Metcalfe, The Atlantic
Why People Get Outraged So Easily - Dean Burnett, The Guardian
A Key Area Where Sex Ed Is Failing - Beth Skwarecki, PLoS Blogs
Wednesday, April 29
Bigger Earthquakes Are Coming for Nepal - Becky Oskin, Live Science
Psychology of Inevitable Earthquakes - Uri Friedman, The Atlantic
Pigeon-Sized Dinosaur Soared over China - Jennifer Viegas, D-News
The Secret Lives of Chernobyl's Wildlife - Mark Kinver, BBC News
Putting Zoo Animals on Antipsychotics - Esther Inglis-Arkell, io9
Smelling a Happy Person May Make You Happy - Rachel Gross, Slate
Tuesday, April 28
The Quantum Fabric of Spacetime - Jennifer Ouellette, Quanta
A Vast Ecosystem Under Antarctica? - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Mt. Everest Base Camp a 'War Zone' - Freddie Wilkinson, NatGeo
Giant Easter Island 'Hats' Rolled into Place - Tia Ghose, Live Science
Maybe Megacities Won't Save the Planet - Lizzie Wade, Wired
8 Psychological Tricks of Restaurant Menus - Jessica Hullinger, MF
Monday, April 27
Earth's First Complex Life Got Eaten - Jeff Hecht, NewScientist
Bacterial Crystals Are Biophysics Mystery - Michael Byrne, Mboard
Silver-Killed Bacteria Turn into 'Zombies' - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
The War on Bed Bugs Is Far From Over - Brad Plumer, Vox
Radically Rethinking Medical Education - John H. Schumann, NPR
Rampant Publication Bias in Drug Trials - Rob Waters, Salon
Friday, April 24
FBI Faked Field of Forensic Science - Dahlia Lithwick, Slate
No, Americans Aren't That Lazy - Jesse Singal, Science of Us
Diet Is More Religious Than Scientific - Clay Jones, Sci-Based Med
The Dark Side of 'Emotional Intelligence' - Dean Burnett, Guardian
People Who Earn More Have More Sex - Orion Jones, Big Think
Hubble Space Telescope Turns 25 - Dennis Overbye, New York Times
Thursday, April 23
A 5-Step Guide to Not Being Stupid - David Robson, BBC Future
Nice Ph.D. Was It Worth It? - Noah Smith, BloombergView
WWII Ship for A-Bomb Tests Found 'Intact' - Jeanna Bryner, Live Sci.
1st Light Detected Directly from Exoplanet - Tushna Commissariat, PW
Why We Regularly Misunderstand Each Other - Emily Smith, Atlantic
The Man Who Drank Cholera - Lina Zeldovich, Nautilus
Wednesday, April 22
Human Embryos Genetically Modified - Cyranoski & Reardon, Nature
How Biologists Tussled over Loch Ness Monster - Andy Coghlan, NS
Plates Reveal if Stegosaur Was Boy or Girl - Jonathan Amos, BBC
How the Brain Can Heal Itself - Lynne Malcolm, ABC Science
Chimps Have More Rights than Saudi Women - Siobhan O'Grady, FP
Skyscrapers in the Sahara Desert - Adam Williams, Gizmag
Tuesday, April 21
Blame Food Babe for Boring Mac & Cheese - Michael Miller, WaPo
GMOs: Nature Got There First - John Timmer, Ars Technica
Vaccines & Autism: Study Is Nail in the Coffin - Tara Haelle, Forbes
Criminals, Beware the Dirt on Your Shoes - Chelsea Wald, Nature
A Solution for Mt. Everest's 12-Ton Poop Problem - R. Nuwer, IEEE
Explaining Weird Symbols on Your iPhone - Jake Rossen, Mental Floss

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