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When You're Drunk... Dance!

"I only dance when I'm drunk."

Most of us have heard this one before. Heck, you might have even said it yourself.  Whatever social constraints prevent us from bustin' a move when sober, our inebriation is actually doing us favor by kicking those inhibitions to the curb. While many alcohol inspired behaviors are self-destructive (fighting, hooliganism, etc.), dancing lies in stark contrast. Those that choose to booze and groove are receiving terrific psychological and physical benefits.

First, dancing is a wonderful aerobic exercise. According to the American Council on Exercise, for a 154lb (70kg) person, moderate dancing burns 5.6 calories per minute. For many of us, drunk dancing is anything but "moderate," so the caloric expenditure may be even higher.  Put those beer carbohydrates to good use... on the dance floor!

Second, dancing causes you to metabolize alcohol faster, thus allowing you to sober off more quickly. In a segment examining the merits of various "sober-up" techniques, Mythbusters found vigorous exercise to both improve hand-eye coordination and reduce blood-alcohol levels. To revelers, these attributes translate to decreased sloppiness and extended party time.

Dancing_Sailor.jpgPhoto: Sr busman / Wikimedia Commons

Third - and this is for the guys out there - dancing can also help to attract that special someone. A study published in Biology Letters had women view various clips of dancing human avatars and asked them to rate the dance sequences. The researchers were then able to identify eleven movements positively associated with perceived dance quality. Authors of the study stated that "attractive human dance moves, particularly those of males, have been reported to show associations

with measures of physical strength, prenatal androgenization and symmetry." In other words, good dancing can make you more attractive. (Disclaimer: The Newton Blog is not responsible for any embarrassment incurred from the use of silly or poor dance maneuvers.) 

So, you think you can drunk dance? Even if the answer is "no," dance anyways. Science says so!