The Best RealClearScience Articles of 2012

By Alex B. Berezow & Ross Pomeroy

The primary function of RealClearScience is to act as a curated aggregator. Each day, we hand-select the best science writing that the Internet has to offer.

But we do so much more. Our team of science writers (a Ph.D. microbiologist, a biologist, and a Ph.D. candidate in physics) generate daily posts for the Newton Blog and a few short commentaries per week in the Journal Club, where we analyze figures or photos from open access papers. Additionally, we began aggregating videos, and in November, we launched the RealClearScience Podcast. It's been a busy 2012!

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In celebration of the past year, we thought we would try aggregating our own content for a change. Linked below are twelve of the most interesting, most liked, and yes, most controversial, articles we wrote in 2012. Enjoy!

What Separates Science from Non-Science? - Alex Berezow & Tom Hartsfield

Keep Psychology Out of the Science Club - Alex Berezow

Why Strict Atheism Is Unscientific - Ross Pomeroy

String Theory Now on Life Support - Tom Hartsfield

Chevy Volt Is Like Apple's Macintosh - Ross Pomeroy

Plastic Bag Bans: Another Feel-Good Eco-Fad - Todd Myers

Natural Gas, Not Corporations, Killing Solar Power - Tom Hartsfield

Rachel Maddow's Misleading Report on Fracking - Alex Berezow

Six Things You Didn't Know About Chicken Reproduction - Katherine Dickinson

Can Vitamin D Solve All Your Problems? - Ross Pomeroy

Why Do Schizophrenics Hear Voices? - Ross Pomeroy

Bouncing Breasts Intrigue Scientists, Too - Ross Pomeroy

What were your favorite articles from this past year? Feel free to tell us in the comments section. And thank you for reading! We look forward to keeping you informed and entertained in 2013!

Alex B. Berezow and Ross Pomeroy are the editors of RealClearScience.

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