RealClearScience Morning Edition

Monday, April 23
The Third Industrial Revolution Is Upon Us - The Economist
Meet the Polar Bear's Replacement - Michael Marshall, NewScientist
Orcas May Face an Airborne Threat - Craig Welch, Seattle Times
Will We Ever Build an Unsinkable Ship? - Edward Tenner, Popular Science
Cause of 'Ice-Cream Headache' Found - Jennifer Welsh, Live Science
The Lead Contamination in Your Backyard - Young & Eisler, USA Today
CO2 from Fossil Fuel Discerned from Living Sources - BBC News
Asteroid Impact Pushes Life Underground - Stuart Gary, ABC Science
The Future of Research in Antarctica - Eric Niiler, Discovery News
Are Those Disgusting Pigeons Getting Fatter? - David Johns, Slate
'Health Week' on Newton Blog: Is Sugar Really Toxic?
Tuesday, April 24
Tech Billionaires Want to Mine Asteroids - Adam Mann, Wired
What Will the Death of Our Sun Be Like? - Ethan Siegel, ScienceBlogs
1st Mass Extinction from Lack of Oxygen - Kristian Sjogren, ScienceNordic
The Bizarre Biology that Lives in My Yard - Carol Kaesuk Yoon, NY Times
Marked for Life: Defaced Shells May Save Turtles - Jef Akst, The Scientist
Smart Cities: Your Next Mayor Might Be a Computer - Will Doig, Salon
Just How Polite Should Robots Be? - Martin Gardiner, Science 2.0
Resist Authority? You Must Have a Disease - Sheldon Richman, Freeman
Human Nature: Six Things We All Do - NewScientist
I Want Another Great Dinosaur Movie - Brian Switek, Smithsonian
'Health Week' on Newton Blog: Eat and Live Like a Caveman!
Wednesday, April 25
We Shouldn't Wait to Go to Mars - Robert Zubrin, CNN Light Years
Mars Can Wait. Ocean Is Bigger Priority - Amitai Etzioni, CNN Opinion
First Confirmed 'Mad Cow' Case Since 2006 - Diana Marcum, LA Times
The Big Trouble with Contaminated Cell Lines - Brian Fung, The Atlantic
Chinese Science Publishers Promise Honesty - David Cyranoski, Nature
Twelve Ways to Spot a Liar at Work - Carol Goman, Forbes
Think More Clearly Using 2nd Language - Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard
Computers Can Grade Essay Questions - Veronique Greenwood, Discover
Snowball Fight in Saturn's F-Ring - Jonathan Amos, BBC News
Archaeologists Recreate Stonehenge Sound - Curt Hopkins, Ars Technica
'Health Week' on Newton: The Health of Humans in Space
Thursday, April 26
Are Republicans Genetically Inferior? - Berezow & Campbell, RCBooks
Organic Food Activists Are Full of Pink Slime - H. Miller & J. Stier, Forbes
How Many Gigabytes of Data in Your Brain? - Forrest Wickman, Slate
Thinking More About Death Is Healthy - Elizabeth Preston, Field of Science
Frog Fungus Causes Death by Dehydration - Stephanie Pappas, Live Science
Did Dermal Bone Help Early Animals Breathe? - Sid Perkins, Science Now
Defective Cell 'Antenna' Linked to Disease - Kristian Sjogren, ScienceNordic
Research in Which Risks May Outweigh Benefits - Geoff Brumfiel, Nature
Volcanic Eruptions May Stymie Hurricanes - Douglas Main, OA Planet
Call Off the Search Team: G-Spot Is a Myth - Joan Smith, The Independent
'Health Week' on Newton Blog: Obscure Benefits of Exercise
Friday, April 27
How to Tell a Child the Sun Will 'Explode' - Ethan Siegel, ScienceBlogs
Mining Asteroids Sounds Bonkers, But Could It Work? - The Economist
Tomato Chemistry: GM, Aroma, & Tradition - Enrico Uva, Science 2.0
Chemical Weapons Destruction Deadline Missed - Alexander Kelle, BAS
Moore's Law Lives Another Day - Tom Simonite, MIT Technology Review
How Women's Eyes Are Different from Men's - Charles Choi, io9
Pigeons May 'Hear' Magnetic Fields - Daniel Cressey, Nature News
Algorithms Could Replace Spinal Cord - Morgen Peck, IEEE Spectrum
Four People with Superhuman Memory - David Israel, Mental Floss
The World Needs More Generalists - Carter Phipps, Huffington Post
'Health Week' on Newton Blog: Will Obesity Drive Cultural Change?
Saturday, April 28
The Trust Molecule: Can We Create a Moral Society? - Paul J. Zak, WSJ
Thinking Logically Causes Religious Disbelief - Tara Francis, Cosmos Mag
Tiny Animals, Big Brains - Will Eberhard & Will Wcislo, American Scientist
Can Your Chiropractor Cause a Stroke? - Edzard Ernst, The Guardian
An Outcast's New Theory on Cancer - Michael Haederle, Pacific Standard
Allergies Protect Us from Ourselves - Melinda Wenner Moyer, PLoS Blogs
We Have Enough Food, But We Must Produce More - Bjorn Lomborg, Slate
What if the Sky Fell? - Natalie Wolchover, Life's Little Mysteries
Key Tests Ahead for Skylon Spaceplane Project - Jonathan Amos, BBC News
Why Do We Vomit Less As We Get Older? - Susan Matthews, Scienceline
"Health Week" on Newton Blog: Link Between Ear Wax & Breast Cancer