RealClearScience Morning Edition

Monday, April 2
Puberty Before Age 10: The New Norm? - Elizabeth Weil, New York Times
US Opts Not to Ban BPA in Canned Foods - Brendan Borrell, Nature
Fried Food Can Be Part of a Healthy Diet - Neil Wagner, The Atlantic
Octopi Help Instruct National Security - David Wheeler, Chron of High Ed
Panel Backs Sharing Bird Flu Studies - Malcolm Ritter, Associated Press
Planets Found at Dawn of the Universe - Pete Spotts, Christian Sci Monitor
Why We Love to Fear Dragons - Alan Boyle, MSNBC
Five Hilarious Fake Scientific Breakthroughs - Natalie Wolchover, LLM
April Fools: Nibiru Will Cause Cataclysm - Johannes Koelman, Science 2.0
April Fools: Get Your Next Pet Built to Order - Sam Melito, The Economist
Tuesday, April 3
Candidates in Orbit - P.J. O'Rourke, The Weekly Standard
More Retractions Are Good for Science - Ivan Oransky, The Conversation
Why Ants and Humans Share Superpowers - Natalie Angier, Smithsonian
'Don't Worry, Be Happy' in Moderation - Marta Zaraska, Washington Post
Humans Used Fire One Million Years Ago - Kate Wong, Scientific American
Storm Warnings Need to Be Much, Much Scarier - Will Oremus, Slate
Are Cancer Stem Cells Ready for Prime Time? - Suling Liu, The Scientist
Meet the Fish that Has Sex on the Beach - Bonnie Hulkower, Tree Hugger
Greatest Supercomputer to Study Big Bang - Rebecca Boyle, Popular Science
How We Can Survive Killer Asteroids - Neil deGrasse Tyson, Wired
Wednesday, April 4
Let Science, Not Fear, Drive Regulation - Jon Entine, AEI
Conservatives & Liberals See Science as Ammo - A. Barton Hinkle, Reason
Is it Worth Paying People to Be Healthy? - Emily Badger, Miller-McCune
Modern Childbirth Is Longer than Ever - Dave McGinn, Globe & Mail
How Do We Fall Asleep? - Natalie Wolchover, Life's Little Mysteries
Clothes Affect Cognition & Perception - Sandra Blakeslee, New York Times
Dark Energy, and How Sound Shaped the Universe - Alasdair Wilkins, io9
Finding Higgs Boson: What's Taking So Long? - Ethan Siegel, ScienceBlogs
Super Scale Can Measure a Proton's Mass - Matthew Francis, Ars Technica
Animals that Used Nanotech Before Humans - Mara Grunbaum, Discover
Thursday, April 5
Giant Feathered Tyrannosaur Found in China - Brandon Keim, Wired
Melting Permafrost Drove Ancient Warming? - Richard Kerr, Science Now
Scientists Study Male Panda's Libido - Ferris Jabr, Scientific American
Tired Locusts Hold Breath to Rest Brains - Rachel Sullivan, ABC Science
French Kids Eat Better Than American Kids - Karen Le Billon, Wall St Jnrl
Sitting Can Have Measurable Health Impact - Travis Saunders, PLoS Blogs
The Real Risk of Forgoing Vaccines - Juliette K. Tinker, The Scientist
New Autism Studies Target Genetics, Age - Benedict Carey, New York Times
Don't Let the Sun Set on Fusion - Bill Hammond, New York Daily News
How Science Can Learn from Sports - Scicurious, Neurotic Physiology
Newton Blog: Choosing a Light Bulb Is A Headache
Friday, April 6
Why You Should Learn to Love Pink Slime - Adam Ozimek, The Atlantic
Uteruses, How Exactly Do They Work? - Megan Carpentier, The Guardian
New Research Supports 'Limits to Growth' - Mark Strauss, Smithsonian
Mars Missions Take Shape on Earth and in Space - Jay Barbree, MSNBC
LHC Energy Level Set to 'Record-Breaking' - Clara Moskowitz, LiveScience
Darn, The LHC Can't Find Hidden Dimensions - Chris Lee, Ars Technica
Why Combustion & Deciduous Trees Shouldn't Mix - Robert Gonzalez, io9
Solved: The Mystery Of Human Consciousness (Almost) - Science 2.0
Lying: Your Upper Face Will Give You Away - Andrew Hough, Telegraph
Extreme Eaters & Abnormal Brain Activity - Laura Sanders, ScienceNews
Saturday, April 7
It's Okay to Dye the Egg, But Not the Chicken - Jennifer Kingson, NY Times
How the Moon Affects the Date of Easter - Joe Rao, Scientific American
Scientists Study the Sound of Sweetness - Peter Smith, Smithsonian
Painkiller Addiction: Epidemic or Not? - Alexandra Le Tellier, LA Times
Asthma-Related Deaths Rising in Kids - Justin Norrie, The Conversation
Controversy Deepens Over Pesticides and Bees - Brandon Keim, Wired
Be Nice to Mice and They May Return the Favor - The Economist
The Mental Cost of Changing Your Mind - Isak Ladegaard, ScienceNordic
Asimov's Robots Live on After His Death - Alan Brown, Inside Science
'Coregasm': Exercise-Induced Orgasms - Jennifer Abbasi, Popular Science
Newton Blog: The Fruitless Debate over Tomato Classification