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Saturday, August 1
The Bitter End of Coffee - David Robson, BBC Future
You're Probably an Ambivert - Elizabeth Bernstein, WSJ
Science & Philosophy Need Each Other - Janet Cameron, Decoded Sci
A College Without Classes - Alana Semuels, The Atlantic
We Should Welcome Killer Robots - Jai Galliott, The Conversation
Queen Bees Vaccinate Their Babies - Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News
Is This the Only Universe? - Laura Dattaro, Symmetry
Filling in Our Wondrous Solar System - Tom Hartsfield, RCScience
New Definition of Chaos Proposed - Will Parker, Science A GoGo
8 Things You Didn't Know About Humidity - Catherine Woods, PBS
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Friday, July 31
First New Canine Found in 150 Years - Carrie Arnold, NatGeo
Trophy Hunting Isn't a Problem - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Cecil's Death Could Kill His Cubs, Too - Michael Daly, Daily Beast
Earth's Magnetic Field Much Older than Thought - Stuart Gary, ABC
Enduring Mystery of Flight MH370 - Matt Schiavenza, The Atlantic
Judge: Sorry, Chimps Are Not 'Legal Persons' - David Grimm, Science
Brazil Is Full of It... Literally - Gabrielle Bluestone, Gawker
New York City's Poop Train - Emily Becker, Mental Floss
Computer Umpire Calls Baseball Game - K.M. McFarland, Wired
Is AI an Existential Threat to Humanity? - Edward Geist, BotAS
Thursday, July 30
MH370 Wreckage Finally Found? - Nick Stockton & Alex Davies, Wired
Curiosity Rover Eyes Weird Rock On Mars - Mike Wall,
Aurora Detected Outside Our Solar System - Rebecca Morelle, BBC
Dark Pion Particles Explain Invisible Matter? - Jesse Emspak, LiveSci.
To Stop Lion Killing, Ban Trophy Hunt Imports - W. Travers, NewSci.
Like People, City Birds Are More Aggressive - Claire Asher, Science
How to Make Your Pet Hamster an Optimist - Rachel Nuwer, S'sonian
Food Tyrants' Labels Won't Fix Obesity - Veronique de Rugy, Reason
GMO: Don't You Know It's Embalming Fluid?! - K. Senapathy, GLP
Corn Flakes Created as Masturbation Cure - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
RCS Quiz: Name the Seven Big Cats
Wednesday, July 29
Five Reasons to Avoid Chiropractic - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Weyl Fermions Spotted at Last - Hamish Johnston, Physics World
Dark Matter: 10 Facts You Should Know - Sabine Hossenfelder, SWaB!
Jamestown: Mystery of American Origins - A. Lafrance, Atlantic
How Many of China's Dino Fossils Are Fake? - John Pickrell, Cosmos
Melting Mummies Are on Thin Ice - Sabrina Imbler, Scientific American
Can Cats Recognize Their Family Members? - Liz Langley, NatGeo
Are Night Shifts Killing You? - Sarah Montague, BBC News
Chemical X Causes Cancer in Rats. So What? - Cohen & Klaunig, RCS
Tuesday, July 28
Ancient Lizards in Amber Amaze Scientists - Stuart Gary, ABC Science
Rare Weather Patterns Can Trigger Tsunamis - Alex Berezow, RCSci.
The Beach that Glows at Night - Chris Plante, Verge
Beetle Pretends to Be Ant Queen - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
FDA Bans Mexican Cilantro Due to Human Feces - A. Edney, B'berg
How to Keep Skyscrapers from Falling Over - Sophia Chen, Wired
The Chemistry of Distillation - Robert Hayes, Science 2.0
One Head, Two Brains - Emily Esfahani Smith, The Atlantic
Talking to the Dead via the Ether - Natasha Pulley, Wonders & Marvels
Another Creepy Clown Sighting in Chicago - Ben Radford, D-News
Monday, July 27
CRISPR Will Remake the World - Amy Maxmen, Wired
Why Science Doesn't Need Mice - Marc Bekoff, Huffington Post
'Is Your Brain Really Necessary?' - Neuroskeptic, Discover Blogs
How to Get Happy and Stay Happy - Brodwin & Orwig, Business Insider
Seattle Flunks Vaccine Science - Jeffrey Kluger, Time
The Truth About the Death of Cash - Rose Eveleth, BBC Future
Kepler-452b Probably Isn't Like Earth - Elizabeth Tasker, Conversation
Detector Spots Possible Antineutrinos - Kathryn Jepsen, Symmetry
When Will The Stars Go Dark? - Ethan Siegel, Starts with a Bang!
Saturday, July 25
Is Time Meaningless? - Tosin Thompson, NewStatesman
Nitrogen Glaciers Flow on Pluto - Alexandra Witze, Nature News
Don't Fear Fukushima's Funky Flowers - Marissa Fessenden, S'sonian
House Passes Bill Blocking GMO Labels - Puneet Kollipara, Sci Insider
'Sexist' Scientist Tim Hunt: The Real Story - Cathy Young, Reason
Why Hunger Makes You Cranky - Amanda Salis, The Conversation
New Eye Drops May Cure Cataracts - Nsikan Akpan, PBS NewsHour
Why People Get Musical 'Skin Orgasms' - David Robson, BBC Future
Rudeness May Be Contagious - Shaunacy Ferro, Mental Floss
Maya Shrine Reveals 'New World Order' - Kristin Romey, Nat Geo
Friday, July 24
Ice Age Heat Waves Sealed Mammoths' Fate - Rachel Sullivan, ABC
Are All Weight Loss Doctors Quacks? - Ignatius Brady, Science 2.0
Six Tastes: Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter, Umami & Fat - S. Borenstein, AP
GMO Yeast Could Help Perfect Wine-Making - Marsha Lewis, ISNS
Can Computers Learn How the World Works? - M. Nielsen, Quanta
Why Pendulum Clocks Synchronize - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Will Mind Transfer Ever Happen? - Erik Sofge, Popular Science
How to Help an Anxious Child - L. Malcolm & O. Willis, ABC Science
More Bad News for Social Mobility in America - Joe Pinsker, Atlantic
Climbing the World's Tallest Chimneys - Alastair Lawson, BBC News
Thursday, July 23
Answering Human Evolution's Big Questions - Charles Choi, LiveSci
We Should Harvest Blood from Dead People - Ross Pomeroy, RCSci.
A New Blue Marble - Scott Kelly, Medium
Frontiers of Particle Physics - Ethan Siegel, Starts with a Bang!
Mysterious Haze over Ceres' Bright Spots - Alexandra Witze, Nature
U.S. Has Many Potentially Active Volcanoes - Erik Klemetti, Wired
CO2 Drop Due to Recession, Not Fracking - S. Zielinski, Smithsonian
Doggerland: Paradise Lost to the North Sea - Daniel Cossins, NewSci.
Found: Possibly Oldest Fragments of Koran - Sean Coughlan, BBC
Mind Reading: Future Science or Sci-Fi? - Eli Wolfe, California Mag
Wednesday, July 22
Single Siberian Migration Peopled Americas - Agence France-Presse
Sleep Your Way to Success - Sondre Bjordal, ScienceNordic
Do Smarter People Drink More Wine? - Jordan Rosenfeld, Mental Floss
Tomb of Alexander the Great's Father Found? - Nick Romeo, NatGeo
Potential Geysers Spotted on Pluto - Eric Hand, Science News
Plants Murder Bugs to Pay Their Bodyguards - E. Preston, Inkfish
Tweaking Avogadro to Redefine the Kilogram - Simon Hadlington, CW
Float Tank: A Mind-Blowing Experience - M.M. Owen, Aeon Magazine
The 'Phallic' Clam America Sells to China - James Morgan, BBC News
Ancient Cult of Horse-Cows & Six-Legged Sheep - Laura Geggel, LS

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