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Saturday, January 31
Solving an Unsolvable Math Problem - Alec Wilkinson, New Yorker
Is There Another Version of You? - Ethan Siegel, Starts with a Bang!
Gravitational Wave Discovery Officially Dead - Ron Cowen, Nature News
'Cold Plasma' Kills Off Norovirus - Alex Berezow, BBC News
How Ebola Tested Cultural Tradition - Amy Maxmen, Nat Geo
4 Things to Know About Keystone XL - Bobby Magill, Climate Central
Why Are People So Annoying? - Wray Herbert, Huffington Post
The Psychology of Prices That End With $.99 - Bourree Lam, Atlantic
The Necessity of Musical Hallucinations - Jonathan Berger, Nautilus
Rare Megamouth Shark Washes Up - Gwynn Guilford, Quartz
Newton Blog: Why We Need to See the Stars
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Friday, January 30
The Left Loves Evolution. Biology, Not So Much - Hank Campbell, S2.0
Consensus Stronger on GMOs than Climate? - Entine & Randall, GLP
Science vs. Public: Poll Reveals Huge Gap - Dan Vergano, NatGeo
Internal Clock Affects Athletic Ability - Jia You, Science Shot
What Facebook Addiction Looks Like in Brain - Tia Ghose, Live Sci.
Why Blue LEDs Are So Hard to Make - Matthew Gunther, Chem. World
Why We Need to See the Stars - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Learning About Avalanches in the Desert - Marianne Freiberger, Plus
You Should Change Your Mind About Rats - Brandon Keim, Wired
Tallest Skyscrapers Going Up in 2015 - Glenn McDonald, Discovery
Thursday, January 29
Rethinking Psychology's Infamous Experiment - Cari Romm, Atlantic
The Most Dangerous Scientific Theories - Adam Frank, NPR
Are Mass Shootings Due to Entitlement Culture? - Joseph Pierre, Aeon
The First Molecule in the Universe - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Water Once Flowed on Asteroid Vesta - Mike Wall,
Are You Lost? Look to Jupiter's Moons - Ethan Siegel, Starts w/ a Bang!
The Amazing Chemistry of Color - Theodore Gray, ABC Science
Like Wine, 'Expensive' Fake Drugs Are Better - Tom Jacobs, Pac. Std.
Calm Down, Artificial Intelligence Won't Kill Us - BBC News
Bizarre Mirages Once Scared Sailors - Matt Simon, Wired
Wednesday, January 28
Didn't Vaccinate Your Kids? Go to Jail - Alex Berezow, USA Today
Juno: Whither Snowmageddon 2015? - Borenstein & Mulvihill, AP
What Really Caused Mammoth Extinction? - Irene Petersen, SciNordic
Ancient Planets Almost as Old as Universe - Lisa Grossman, NewSci.
Is There Life in Titan's Methane Sea? - Katia Moskvitch, Cosmos
Volcanic Cracks Incubated Ancient DNA? - Emma Stoye, Chem. World
Volcano Just Created New Island - Lydia Ramsey, Popular Science
Breathing Oxygen: A Big Mistake? - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
America Is Killing the Medical Golden Goose - Hank Campbell, S2.0
Average U.S. Physician Salaries by Specialty - James Hamblin, Atlantic
Tuesday, January 27
You Don't Need Antioxidant Supplements - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Why Vaccinated People Can Still Get Measles - Katie Palmer, Wired
Record Year in South Africa for Rhino Poaching - Brian Howard, NG
Theory of Electromagnetism Turns 150 - Robyn Arianrhod, Conv.
Blackbeard's Booty: Medical Supplies - Owen Jarus, Live Science
Extreme La Nina Events Set to Increase - Dani Cooper, ABC Science
Why Alkali Metals Explode in Water - Jonathan Webb, BBC News
Tonal Languages Arose in Humid Climates - Ling Xin, Science
Y-Chromosomes: Genghis Had Competition - Ewen Callaway, Nature
Thinking About Sex vs. Actually Doing It - Alex Berezow, RCScience
Monday, January 26
The Smartest Person Who Ever Lived - Alex Berezow, RCScience
How 3 Guys with $10K Almost Found the Higgs - Josh Batson, Wired
The Ethics of the 'Singularity' - Alva Noe, NPR
The Speed Limit of Quantum Uncertainty - Michael Byrne, Mothboard
Ion Thrusters Could Change Space Exploration - Junnie Kwon, PopSci
Build Your Own Particle Detector! - Sarah Charley, Symmetry
Science Has Not Made the Case for God - Lawrence Krauss, New Yorker
The Team Tracking Illegal Honey - Peter Andrey Smith, N.Y. Times
Do Kids Really Need to Drink Milk? - Tia Ghose, LiveScience
Texas Used Junk Science to Restrict Abortion - Kathryn Kolbert, Slate
Saturday, January 24
The Modern World Is Bad for Your Brain - Daniel Levitin, Guardian
'Brain Drinks' Might Make You Less Smart - Christian Jarrett, Wired
The Singularity Is Greatly Exaggerated - Jeanne Carstensen, Nautilus
Is Dark Matter Really Axions? - Xaq Rzetelny, Ars Technica
A New Way to Explode a Star? - Nadia Drake, Phenomena
If Earth Falls, Where Will We Go? - Creighton & Jenet, Conversation
The Trailblazing Soviet Space Dogs - Lisa Hix, Collectors Weekly
How Do We Respond to Parenthood? - Nathan Collins, PS Mag
A New Anti-Water Metal: How Does It Work? - Physics Central
'Eco-Goddess' Takes Anti-GMO Crusade to Hawaii - Jon Entine, GLP
Friday, January 23
Possible Origin of Strange Celestial Outburst - Michael Safi, Guardian
Gigantic Laser Reveals Planetary Insides - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
The Slow Dance that Made You - Ethan Siegel, Starts with a Bang!
Human Ancestors Used Tools 500K Years Earlier? - Dan Vergano, NG
A Chinese Emperor's River of Mercury - Philip Ball, Chemistry World
Does Reality Depend on Nature of Observer? - Rachel Thomas, Plus
Carnivorous Plants: Assets & Liabilities - Rachel Kaufman, ISNS
A Strange Tale of Fish Eye Evolution - William Feeney, Conversation
Can Siberian Tiger Make Comeback? - Matthew Shaer, Smithsonian
Thank Anti-Vaxxers for the Measles Outbreak - Alicia Chang, AP
Thursday, January 22
Why Rich People Don't Care About You - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
18th-Century Fashion Defeated Anti-Vaxxers - K. Chrisman, Atlantic
15th-Century Irish Town Found Near Castle - Laura Geggel, Live Sci.
World's Most Advanced Coffee Lab - Jason Koebler, Motherboard
New GMOs Cannot 'Escape' into Environment - Helen Briggs, BBC
Science by Democracy Doesn't Work - Ethan Siegel, Starts with a Bang!
The 'Impact' Fallacy in Science Funding - Henry Miller, Proj. Syndicate
How the Brain Stores Trivial Memories - Benedict Carey, NY Times
Are We All Born with Synesthesia? - Shruti Ravindran, Aeon
Consciousness Stumps Brightest Minds - Oliver Burkeman, Guardian
Wednesday, January 21
Meet the Deniers of Newton's Third Law - Tom Hartsfield, RCScience
X-Ray Technique Reads Burnt Vesuvius Scroll - Jonathan Webb, BBC
Next Generation Will Live Beyond 100 - John Bingham, Telegraph
Why Do Sneezes Come in Twos and Threes? - Loren Grush, PopSci
Thorium: The Safe Future of Nuclear Power - David Warmflash, Crux
Gum Removes up to 100 Million Bacteria - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
How Forensics Revolutionized Crime Solving - Steve Connor, Indep.
Mysterious Goo Blamed for Bay Area Bird Deaths - Kristin Bender, AP
Why Birds Bob Their Heads When They Walk - Nick Stockton, Wired
Chimps 'Talk' About Their Favorite Foods, Trees - J. Viegas, D-News

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