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Wednesday, April 23
How a Concussion Created a Genius - Susannah Cahalan, New York Post
Abscopal Effect: Rare & Miraculous Cancer Cure - Karl Kruszelnicki, ABC
'Brain Stones' Found in Man with Celiac - Bahar Gholipour, Live Science
Amoeba Eats Human Cells Alive - Jessica Hullinger, Mental Floss
Think You Have the Flu? You Probably Don't - Frank Bowden, Conv.
SpaceX Could Remake the Economics of Space Flight - The Economist
How the 'Bridges of Konigsberg' Changed Everything - Plus Magazine
Nanotech Can Give You Blue Skies on Demand - Paul Marks, NewSci.
The Trouble with Giving Animals Human Rights - Josh Fischman, SciAm
How to Make Mass-Produced Wine Taste Great - Christopher Null, Wired
Feature: 3 Canceled NASA Projects That Would Have Been Awesome
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Tuesday, April 22
Dear Academia, I Loved You, But I'm Leaving - Yes, Another Science Blog
A Pilot's Explanation for Missing Flight 370 - Dave Funk, RCScience
Earth Day: A Holy Day for Science-Free Enviros - Henry Miller, Forbes
Climate Policies Are Full of Snake Oil - Bjorn Lomborg, Project Syndicate
Huge Hole in Earth's 'Detergent' Layer Found - Andrea Thompson, CC
Despite the Alarmists, E-Cigs Are Still a Win - Cameron English, PolicyMic
Venus' Crust Heals Too Fast for Plate Tectonics - Shannon Palus, AT
Majority of Americans Doubt the Big Bang - Borenstein & Agiesta, AP
Has Earth's Missing Xenon Been Found? - Charles Choi, Live Science
The Dangers of Being a Mount Everest Sherpa - Svati Narula, Atlantic
Newton Blog: It's Easier to Overdose on Water Than Weed
Monday, April 21
A Possible Cure for Ebola Virus Discovered - Alex B. Berezow, RCScience
No, Weed Won't Rot Your Brain - Maia Szalavitz, The Daily Beast
Banning Chocolate Milk May Be a Bad Idea - Paul Bisceglio, PSMag
Yes, IQ Really Matters - David Hambrick & Christopher Chabris, Slate
Is Philosophy Obsolete? - Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, Chron. of Higher Ed
Arecibo Detects Mysterious Radio Burst - Nadia Drake, Phenomena
Why You Can't See Stars from a Plane - Ethan Siegel, Starts with a Bang!
New Telescope Could Spot Signs of Alien Life - Robin McKie, Guardian
On Dumping Good Water: How Stupid Is Portland? - Robert Gonzalez, io9
The Deadly Science Behind Testicle Squeezing - Maxwell Barna, VICE
Saturday, April 19
What Whole Foods Doesn't Tell You - Jann Bellamy, Sci-Based Medicine
Meet the Jenny McCarthy of Food - Steven Novella, Neurologica
Some People Getting Rich off Climate Change - George Black, OnEarth
Ancient Plants Preserved by Space Impacts - Paul Rincon, BBC News
Secret Military Test Coming to Spanish Class - Michael Erard, Nautilus
Why We Can't Stop Procrastinating - Michelle Castillo, The Week
Lesser Known Facts About Particle Accelerators - Sarah Witman, Symtry
A Solution For Graphene Production - Neil Savage, Chem & Engineer News
What Would Happen to a Peep in Space? - Phil Plait, Slate
Newton Blog: Would You Have Sex with a Total Stranger?
Friday, April 18
Every Weekend Could Be Four Days Long - David Spencer, Conversation
Sleep Aids and Anxiety Meds Can Kill You - Richard Taite, Science 2.0
Should Big Pharma Be Allowed to Pay Doctors? - Aidan Lewis, BBC
War Is Hell, and the Hell Rubs Off - David Morris, Slate
Toilet Flushes Could Power Your Home - Abigail Hallowes, Chem. World
New Concrete Could Last a Lifetime - Katharine Gammon, Inside Science
Can World's Rarest Bear Be Saved? - Douglas Chadwick, Nat'l Geographic
Why Don't Old People Want Time Machines? - Adrienne LaFrance, Atlantic
Would You Have Sex with a Total Stranger? - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Thursday, April 17
Saturn May Be Giving Birth to 63rd Moon - David Shukman, BBC News
Don't Blame Dark Matter for Positrons - Colin Stuart, Physics World
Cognitive Speed: 'Over the Hill' at Age 24 - Carl Engelking, D-Brief
Harnessing Earth's Massive Wave Power - Tom Hartsfield, RCScience
Testing 'Twin Paradox' Without a Spaceship - Carlos Sabin, Conversation
Isolating RNA from Single Cell in Living Tissue - A. Azvolinsky, Scientist
The Protein Interaction that Allows Conception - Arielle Duhaime, Verge
Plant-Derived Nanotubes for DNA Delivery - Cynthia McKelvey, ISNS
Do GMOs Cause Allergies? (Hint: No) - XiaoZhi Lim, Genetic Literacy Proj.
How Do We Solve the Wild Horse Crisis? - Warren Cornwall, Slate
RCS Feature: Breast Enlargement Pumps & Other Quack Devices
Wednesday, April 16
Allergies: The Real Midlife Crisis - Brian Palmer, Slate
Parents Going to Jail over Shaky Medical Diagnosis - Matt Stroud, Verge
Bizarre Hallucination Reveals How Brain Works - G. Bookwalter, Wired
Does Genetics Underlie Entrepreneurism? - Kerry Grens, The Scientist
Using Ambiguity to Extract Money from People - Esther Inglis-Arkell, io9
Malaria Outbreak without Mosquitoes - Rebecca Kreston, Body Horrors
How Bacteria Become Flesh-Eating Monsters - Perry & Rathi, Conv. UK
Baking Cakes with Coffee Flour - Caroline Winter, Bloomberg Businessweek
Do People Swallow Spiders While Sleeping? - Annie Sneed, SciAm
Tuesday, April 15
'Cherry Tree from Space Mystery' Baffles Scientists - Shigemi Sato, AFP
U.S. Biomedical Research 'Unsustainable' - Benderly & Austin, Sci. Insider
Are Our Students Doomed to Inferior Education? - Ethan Siegel, SWaB!
Religion Didn't Kill Science in the Middle East - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Cyberattacks Bigger Risk than Terrorism - Meghan McGuinness, BotAS
Drunk Monkeys: Evolutionary Basis for Alcoholism? - Wynne Parry, LS
Secret to Soft Skin Is in Chemistry - Jennifer Newton, Chemistry World
Asian Air Pollution Strengthens Pacific Storms - Rebecca Morelle, BBC
Dark, Dangerous World of Extreme Cavers - Burkhard Bilger, NY'er
Lunar Eclipse Myths from Around the World - Jane Lee, NatGeo
Monday, April 14
Pluto May Have Deep Seas - Larry O'Hanlon, Discovery News
Study: Ancient Martian Air Held No Water - Stuart Gary, ABC Science
The Blood Moon Is Coming! - Hank Campbell, Science 2.0
Tiktaalik: The Real Darwin Fish - Chris Mooney, Slate
Can We Drive Our Own Evolution? - Jason Goldman, BBC Future
Climate Efforts Falling Short, U.N. Panel Says - Justin Gillis, NY Times
Five Wacky Ideas to Fix Global Warming - Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph
Jenny McCarthy Pretends She's Not Anti-Vaccine - Jeffrey Kluger, Time
1 in 68 Children Now Has Autism. Why? - Enrico Gnaulati, The Atlantic
An Antidote for Bitter Beer Face? - Alex B. Berezow, RealClearScience
Newton Blog: Unlike Voters, Fish Make Better Group Decisions

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