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Monday, September 22
Warning: This Post Will Change Your Brain - Neuroskeptic, Discover
Why Smart People Aren't Always Rational - Barbara Drescher, Insight
We Don't Know What Science Means - Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, Week
There Is No Creativity Deficit in Science - Chris Lee, Ars Technica
What Happens When We All Live to 100? - Gregg Easterbrook, Atlantic
Privileged Anti-Vaxxers - Steven Novella, Science-Based Medicine
Groundwater Changes May Herald Earthquakes - P. Sarchet, NewSci
Sahara Is Much Older Than We Thought - Sarah Zielinski, S'sonian
What's the Earliest Signal from the Universe? - Ethan Siegel, SwaB!
First Successful Anorectal Transplant in a Dog - Alex Berezow, RCS
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Saturday, September 20
Erectile Dysfunction Myth Debunked - David Samadi, LiveScience
The Real Problem With Climate Science - Steven Koonin, Wall St Jrnl
Show Us the Rejected Research! - Brendan Nyhan, New York Times
The Duck Penis Paradox - Alice Robb, The New Republic
The Most Terrifying Thing About Ebola - Benjamin Hale, Slate
The Greatest Animal War - Brooke Borel, Nautilus
Shipwrecks Found Near Golden Gate Bridge - Blake de Pastino, WD
Scotland's Ruins That Predate Stonehenge - Roff Smith, Nat Geo
How Long to Get to Tatooine? - Maria Konnikova, The New Yorker
RCS Feature: The Five Most Useless Chemical Elements
Friday, September 19
Richard Dawkins Has Lost It - Adam Lee, Guardian
Not All Creationists Are Created Equal - Chris Mulherin, Conversation
2014 Ig Nobel Prizes: Slippery Banana Peels - Mark Pratt, AP
The Physics of the 'Death Star' - Ethan Siegel, Starts with a Bang!
16 Syrian Kids Die in Measles Vaccine Campaign - Leslie Roberts, SI
Myths & Realities of Synthetic Bioweapons - F. Lentzos et al., BotAS
The World Needs China to Frack More - J. Lee & J. West, Wired
A Win for Environmentalists & Hungry People - H. Campbell, Fed.
Trillions of Meals Later, GMO Debate Is Over - Jon Entine, Forbes
To Lower Blood Pressure, Eat More Meat? - Benjamin Plackett, ISNS
Thursday, September 18
NFL Has Lower Rate of Domestic Violence - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Mysterious Fireball Was Russian Spy Satellite - Mead Gruver, AP
Device Could Detect Texting While Driving - Dave Forster, VA-Pilot
U.S. Losing Genomics Lead to China? - Rebecca Trager, Chem. World
Europeans Drawn from Three Ancient Tribes - Paul Rincon, BBC
Hacking Photosynthesis to Boost Crop Yields - Heidi Ledford, Nature
Sorry Hipsters, 'Organic' Kale is a GMO - David Newland, S'sonian
Hungry Fish vs. 'Fireworks Shrimp' - Christopher Jobson, Colossal
Wednesday, September 17
New Viking Fortress Found in Denmark - Charlotte Persson, SciNord
NASA Picks Boeing, SpaceX to Ferry Astronauts - Marcia Dunn, AP
Epidemics: A Giant Payday for Sleazebags - Josh Bloom, Science 2.0
The Magic Number to Stop an Epidemic - Adam Kucharski, Aeon
Ocean Acidification to Change Shark Behavior? - Charles Choi, ISNS
Why Physics Demands 99.9999% Certainty - J. Butterworth, Guardian
Ant-Sized Radio Powered by Messages - Nick Stockton, Wired
Chin Strap Turns Chewing into Power - Jonathan Webb, BBC News
The Most Useless Chemical Elements - RealClearScience
Tuesday, September 16
Found: Huge, 5000-Year-Old Monument in Israel - Owen Jarus, LS
What if Ebola Goes Airborne? - Michael Osterholm, New York Times
GMO OJ: Biotech Could Save Florida Oranges - Paul Voosen, NatGeo
Hitchcock Thriller Activates 'Vegetative' Brain - E. Callaway, Nature
Anxiety Drugs Linked to Alzheimer's - Beverly Merz, Harvard Health
Texas Textbooks Butcher Climate Change - John Timmer, Ars Tech.
Are We Developing Blinding Lasers? - Dan Drollette, Jr., BotAS
Should Macho Men Shave Their Legs? - Tom Hartsfield, RCScience
Do Conservatives & Liberals Smell Different? - Tom Jacobs, PS
Can You Eat Via Your Anus? - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Monday, September 15
Ebola: Act Now, or We May Regret It - Maryn McKenna, Wired
In U.S., Hispanics Live Longer than Others - Alex Berezow, RCSci.
Seattle Man Ordered to Stop Spreading HIV - BBC News
Artificial Spleen Removes Poisons From Blood - Mitch Leslie, Science
Why Women Can't Parallel Park - Lewis Wolpert, The Telegraph
When Scientists Give Up - Richard Harris, NPR
What Stephen Hawking Really Meant - Don Lincoln, Symmetry
No, You're Not Eating Spiders in Your Sleep - Jane J. Lee, Nat Geo
7 Reasons to Have More Sex - Amanda MacMillan, Time
5 Disastrous Errors in Volcano Movies - C.J. Miozzi, The Escapist
Saturday, September 13
Don't Take Your Vitamins - Emily Oster, FiveThirtyEight
5 Bogus Excuses Used to Avoid a Flu Shot - Larry Schwartz, Salon
Is Working at Night Bad for You? - Claudia Hammond, BBC Future
Next-Gen Stem Cells Implanted in Woman - David Cyranoski, Nature
Will Intelligent Machines Destroy Humanity? - Ron Bailey, Reason
Millenials Better-Read Than Everyone Else - Emily Tamkin, Slate
New Twists in Earth's Radiation Belts - Daniel Baker, American Sci
There's No Such Thing as a Supercluster - Ethan Siegel, SwaB!
Stop Pretending Liberals Just as Anti-Science - Chris Mooney, MoJo
Journal Club: Why Aren't More Women Feminists?
Friday, September 12
The Horror of Waking Up During Surgery - Clare Wilson, NewSci.
Are Radical Feminists More Masculine? - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Graphene Leads to Foldable Electronics - Emma Stoye, Chem. World
Maxwell's Demon Made with Single Electron - John Timmer, AT
Ebola Patient Gets Blood from Cured Doctor - KW & LS, USA Today
Gardens Grow Better on Mars than Moon? - Patricia Waldron, ISNS
Where to Earn a Minor in 'Craft Beer' - Matt Vasilogambros, Atlantic
Religious or Not, We All Misbehave - Emily Underwood, Science News
Kraken: Monster that Hunts with Its Own Poop - Matt Simon, Wired

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