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Saturday, May 28
Has Aristotle's Tomb Been Found? - Mary Harris, Greek Reporter
Found: 99-Million-Year-Old 'Unicorn Ant' - Patrick Monahan, Science
Rat Tumors Don't Prove Phones Cause Cancer - Ellis & Stockton, Wired
Could Vaccines Prevent Addiction? - Ronald Crystal, SciAm
Superbug Isn't the Start of the Apocalypse - Beth Mole, Ars Technica
World's Longest Nonstop Flights - Mary Anderson, Washington Post
Slime Molds Can Teach Us About Democracy - K. Calderwood, ABC Sci.
DNA 'Tape Recorder' Traces Cell History - Roland Pease, BBC News
Dr. Heimlich Finally Uses His Maneuver - Lisa Cornwell, AP
Our Favorite Blogger Writes a Great Book - Tom Hartsfield, RCSci.
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Friday, May 27
Long-Dreaded Superbug Found in U.S. - Maryn McKenna, NatGeo
How Neanderthal DNA Helps Humanity - Emily Singer, Quanta Mag.
Is It Medically Possible to Live Forever? - Adam Piore, Nautilus
Brain Scans Predict Return of Consciousness - Sharon Begley, Stat
Do Helpless Babies Explain Clever Humans? - The Economist
Is a Sub-Two-Hour Marathon Possible? - Michael Joyner, Sports Ill.
The Future of Quantum Computing - Calderwood & Funnell, ABC Sci.
Largest Ever Math Proof Is 200 TB - Evelyn Lamb, Nature News
On Encryption, Bernie's Policy Is Least Foolish - Alex Caro, RCScience
Extremist Politicians Have More Twitter Followers - Tom Jacobs, PS
Thursday, May 26
NFL Continues Its War on Physics - Tim Fernholz, Quartz
Gluten-Free Diets Not Necessarily Healthier - Rachael Rettner, Live Sci.
Will 90 Become the New 60? - David Steinsaltz, Nautilus
Uber Left Austin. This Is What Happened Next - Neal Pollack, Drive
China Is Super-Sizing Science - Rebecca Morelle, BBC News
The Particles That Seed Clouds - Elizabeth Wilson, Chem & Eng News
Unpredictable Nature of Synthetic Drugs - Sara Miller, Live Science
We Need to Study Real Cancer 'Miracles' - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Historic Deal Expands EPA Chemical Regulation - J. Tollefson, Nature
Theranos: Now, the Lawyers Come Knocking - Rebecca Robbins, Stat
Wednesday, May 25
Life in Cosmos May Be Rare After All - Paul Davies, Scientific American
Blob of Chemicals Acts Like It Is Alive - Kathryn Gempf, Chem. World
Why Darwin Triumphed Over Lamarck - Jessica Riskin, ABC Science
A Glossary of Hijacked Science Terms - Alex Berezow, ACSH
New GMO Report Does Science No Favors - Henry Miller, Forbes
Synthesizing Human Genome: Big Ideas, Conflicts - A. Regalado, TR
We're in Year #5 of California's Drought - Eric Holthaus, Slate
Teaching Robots to Feel, React to Pain - Evan Ackerman, IEEE Spec.
The Magic Bowls of Antiquity - Samuel Thrope, Aeon Magazine
How the Black Death Devastated England - Maev Kennedy, Guardian
Tuesday, May 24
Found: 5,000-Year-Old Beer Recipe - Nicola Davis, Guardian
Humans Are Far More Than Just Apes - S. Joshua Swamidass
We Are Overscreening for Cancer - Joel Zinberg, City Journal
Award Pharma Cash Prizes for New Antibiotics - Ed Silverman, Stat
Antibiotic Kills Bad Bugs, Spares Good Ones - Madeline Sofia, NPR
Will Crocodiles, Palm Trees Return to Arctic? - Marianne Lavelle, NG
Germany's Energy Problems Continue - C. Sturm, Bulletin Atomic Sci
Royal Society Calls for Review of Europe GMO Ban - P. Ghosh, BBC
Atlas Unearths Bounty of Life Below Our Feet - Emily DeMarco, ISNS
Map: Every Country's Major Export - Joe Myers, World Econ. Forum
Monday, May 23
Humanities Ph.Ds Should Leave the U.S. - Scott Gibson, Chronicle
Would President Trump Boost Science? - Berezow & Campbell, USAT
Theranos: The Problem With Stealth Science - John Ioannidis, JAMA
The Quest for a Simple Cancer Test - Jeffrey Perkel, PBS NOVA
The Growing Violence of LEGOs - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
The Strange Tale of the "Demon Core" - Alex Wellerstein, New Yorker
Startup Bringing Imagination to Computers - Will Knight, MIT Review
Has the Quantum Computing Age Arrived? - A. Anthony, Guardian
Meet America's Last Known Jaguar - Kate Allen, The Star
How Do You Feed a T-Rex? - Brian Switek, FiveThirtyEight
Saturday, May 21
Killer Nile Crocodiles Found in Florida - Terry Spencer, AP
World Population: Humans Aren't Cockroaches - Alex Berezow, ACSH
When Human Eggs Become a Scrambled Mess - Karen Schindler, Sci.
Search for a Cancer Miracle at the Vatican - Sam Apple, New Yorker
What Does the Rise of AI Mean for Humanity? - Moshe Vardi, Plus
The Father of Modern Metal - Jonathan Waldman, Nautilus
U.S. Nuke Plant Shutdowns, Emissions Ramp Up - R. Martin, MIT
Secret History of Bioluminescence - Ferris Jabr, Hakai Magazine
Are Antibiotics Messing With Our Memory? - Dyani Lewis, Cosmos
Why the Sun Makes Some People Sneeze - Brian Resnick, Vox
Friday, May 20
The Gravekeeper's Paradox - David Shultz, Nautilus
Do We Need to Revise General Relativity? - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Let's 3D Print a Moon Base - Morgan Saletta, The Conversation
'Tadpole' Galaxy Eats Gas, Spawns Stars - Ken Croswell, NewScientist
Theranos Voiding Blood Test Results - Jamie Condliffe, Gizmodo
Cholesterol Drug Isn't Saving Lives - Ivan Oransky & Adam Marcus, Stat
UN IARC: Worst Regulator Ever - Henry Miller, Forbes
How Bitcoin Could Improve Clinical Trials - The Economist
8 in 10 Public Pools Fail Safety Inspections - Karen Kaplan, LA Times
The Death and Birth of the American Dam - Lizzie Wade, Wired
Thursday, May 19
Brain Disease Driving Swamp Birds Insane - Hannah Waters, NatGeo
Lady Spider Demands Gifts or Eats Her Suitor - Elahe Izadi, WaPo
Secret Language of Campus Squirrels - Rachel Gross, Slate
Building a Human Genome from Scratch - Sally Adee, NewScientist
What Happens to Bodies We Can't Identify? - Deborah Halber, Atlantic
Roman Plumbing Recorded Mt. Vesuvius - Patrick Monahan, Science
Is Mendel Holding Back Modern Genetics? - Gregory Radick, Nature
A Huge Step in 'Mirror-Image' Biochemistry - Mark Peplow, Nature
Some Trees Relax Their Branches at Night - Mary Beth Griggs, PopSci
How to Add $6.7 Trillion to Global Economy - Emma Luxton, WEF
Wednesday, May 18
Most of Existence a Complete Mystery - Matt Patterson, Am. Thinker
Five Common Illnesses That Never Existed - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Pinterest: A Sewer Pipe of Anti-Science - Alex Berezow, ACSH
America's Top Scientists Say GMOs Are Safe - Andrew Pollack, NYT
'Magic Mushroom' Drug Treats Depression - Zoe Cormier, Nature
Synthetic Wine Made Without Grapes - Chris Baraniuk, NewScientist
Does Bilingualism Really Improve the Brain? - Joe Myers, WEF
World's Smallest Porpoise on Verge of Extinction - Rachael Bale, NG
The Arctic Will 'Go Through Hell This Season' - Tom Yulsman, ImaGeo
Gases We Emit Change Based on What We Watch - Beth Mole, AT

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