August 23, 2014

The Singularity Is Not Near

Shaun Maguire, Quantum Frontiers

The Associated Press

Ever since the movie Transcendence came out, it seems like the idea of the ‘technological singularity‘ has been in the air. Maybe it’s because I run in an unorthodox circle of deep thinkers, but over the past couple months, I’ve been roped into three conversations related to this topic. The conversations usually end with some version of “ah shucks, machine learning is developing at a fast rate, so we are all doomed.

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Tags: Doomsday, Technological Singularity, Singularity


August 18, 2014
Asteroid Won't Wipe Out Life on Earth in 2880
Phil Plait, Slate
What is it about crappy reporting and asteroids?The culprit this time is the UK’s Telegraph. In its search to become ever more Daily Mailian, it ran an article about an asteroid called 1950 DA with this headline: more ››