August 22, 2014

Everything I Knew About Conservatives Was Wrong

Jeremy Frimer, Huffington Post

The Associated Press

As far as I was concerned, bible-thumping social conservatives were like obedient robots. When Uncle Sam called them to arms, heels clicked and hands met temples. When the preacher demanded chastity, zippers ascended toward belt-buckles. When the boss told them to fire an employee, conservatives reached for a pink slip. Social conservatives asked no questions, even when the command was arbitrary or the cause indecent.

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Tags: Authority, Liberals, Obedience, Conservatives


August 12, 2014
Liberal Enviros Are 'Overwhelmingly White'
Darryl Fears, WP
More than 50 years after the Kennedy administration found that the National Park Service had a single black ranger and bemoaned a serious lack of diversity in the federal conservation corps, not much has changed at public and... more ››