June 5, 2014

Report: NASA Can't Get Humans to Mars

Joel Achenbach, Washington Post

The Associated Press

A sweeping review of NASA’s human spaceflight program has concluded that the agency has an unsustainable and unsafe strategy that will prevent the United States from achieving a human landing on Mars in the foreseeable future.

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June 3, 2014
Lava, Not Water, Formed Canyons on Mars
Robin Wylie, Conversation
The canyon-like scars which line Mars' crust are seen by many as evidence for liquid water. But a study now suggests that a different kind of fluid – one much less hospitable to life – may actually have carved... more ››
May 28, 2014
Martian Volcano May Have Been Habitable
Brown University
Heat from a volcano erupting beneath an immense glacier would have created large lakes of liquid water on Mars in the relatively recent past. And where there’s water, there is also the possibility of life. A recent paper... more ››