December 16, 2013

Glass Castles in the Sea

Cheryl Lyn Dybas, Natural History Magazine

The Associated Press

Autumn arrived on a night wind along the Strait of Georgia, the Pacific Ocean waters between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia. The next day, a cold snap whipped waves into whitecaps as a research vessel maneuvered into position in a fjord known as Howe Sound. On deck, a crewmember closed the vaultlike hatch of the Aquarius, a fourteen-foot-long submersible.

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TAGGED: Sponges, Ocean, Coral Reef


Vast freshwater reserves are trapped beneath the ocean floor which could sustain future generations as current sources dwindle, say an international team of scientists. more ››
December 13, 2013
New Organism Obfuscates Animal Evolution
John Timmer, Ars Technica
A few years ago, the origins of all animals seemed very simple. Sponges lacked a nervous system, which placed them at the very root of the animal family tree. They did, however, have specialized collar cells, which looked a lot... more ››