RealClearScience Morning Edition

How the UN Killed 8,000 People in Haiti - Jonathan Katz, Slate
Don't Be Afraid to Stereotype Strangers - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Carnivorous Plant Glows Blue to Attract Prey - Michelle Warwicker, BBC
Giant Crustacean Hasn't Eaten in Four Years - Bill Chappell, NPR
Aggressive Ants Losing Ground to Invasive Ants - Douglas Quenqua, NYT
Monsanto and the Myth of 'Biopiracy' - Jon Entine, Genetic Literacy Project
Poll Results in for New Pluto Moon Names - Miriam Kramer,
Ancient Goblet Inspires Nanoplasmonic Biosensor - Nadia Drake, Wired
Ripples in a Pond: A New Take on Pandemics - Emily Badger, The Atlantic
Average Porn Star: Brunette, B-Cup, Named Nikki - Stephanie Pappas, LS

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

Seismology Data Exposes N. Korea - Jeffrey Park, Bulletin of the Atomic Sci.
How to Forecast Weather 'Bombs' - Larry O'Hanlon, Discovery News
Mosh-Pit Physics Could Save Lives - Ceri Perkins, Physics World
Cadaver Experiment May Settle 100-Yr Skin Puzzle - MIT Tech. Review
Sleeping Less than 6 Hours Skews Gene Activity - Ian Sample, Guardian
What U.S. City Is the Happiest? - Lewis Mitchell, Computational Story Lab

RealClearScience The Latest Research

Finding E.T. May Be Easier Around White Dwarf Stars - Harvard Univ.
Extreme Weather Provoked by Trapping of Giant Waves - Potsdam Instit.
Virus May Treat Prostate Cancer - American Society for Microbiology
New Device Better Traps Airborne Pathogens - Washington Univ.-St. Louis