RealClearScience Morning Edition

The Attack of the Angry Atheists - Max Tegmark, Huffington Post
Why Facts Don't Matter - Keith Floor, Discover
The Worst Kind of Science Hype - Ethan Siegel, ScienceBlogs
Misguided Nostalgia for Our Paleo Past - Marlene Zuk, Chron of High Ed
Can Humans Become Mutant Superheroes? - Beth Ashbridge, PolicyMic
New Particles Avoid Immune Detection - Katharine Sanderson, Nature News
It's Not Just Cats: Dogs Disrupt Wildlife, Too - Megan Gannon, LiveScience
Studies: Morning-After Pills Don't Cause Abortion - Julie Rovner, NPR
Time to Discuss Property Rights in Space - Rand Simberg, The New Atlantis
Can You Eat Your Own Poop? Scientists Answer. - Hamilton Nolan, Gawker
Newton Blog: Mad Scientists of the Modern Age: Lynn Margulis

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

The Scientific Accident That May Change the World - Chris Clarke, KCET
Bees Can Read a Flower's Electrical Field - Douglas Heaven, NewScientist
What's the Matter with Vermont? Anti-Vaxxers. - Helena Rho, Slate
The Science of Why We Condone Torture - Luke Mitchell, Popular Science
1.5C Temperature Rise Could Melt Permafrost - Fiona Harvey, Guardian
Flies Use Booze to Protect Young From Parasites - Ed Yong, Phenomena
Journal Club: Worm Tracker... in 3-D!

RealClearScience The Latest Research

Facebook Could Give Grandma a Cognitive Boost - University of Arizona
How Human Language Could Have Evolved from Birdsong - MIT
Why Some Soldiers Develop PTSD While Others Don't - APS
Fifth Force of Nature Could Help Probe Deep into Earth - Univ. of Texas