RealClearScience Morning Edition

We Really Don't Need More Ph.D. Scientists - Jordan Weissmann, Atlantic
Psychology Confronts a Glut of Invalid Research - Tia Ghose, Live Science
For Evolution, Sometimes History Repeats Itself - Babbage, The Economist
Can the Plague of Leprosy Finally Be Eradicated? - Laura Kaiser, Slate
Liposomes in Skin Creams Don't Work - Sybille Hildebrandt, ScienceNordic
Lend Me Your Ear... and I'll Print You a New One - Nancy Shute, NPR
The Bonobo Is a Lover and a Fighter - David Quammen, National Geographic
China's Smog Is America's Problem, Too - Robert Cooper, Science 2.0
Russian Meteorite: Best Conspiracy Theories - Kelsey Atherton, PopSci
Pope Benedict XVI Was a Friend of Science - Karl Giberson, Huff. Post
Journal Club: Are Women Fat Because They Do Less Housework?

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

What Wasn't Taught in School: How to Learn - Neurobonkers, Big Think
Biological Clocks: Don't Mess with Codon Bias - Akshat Rathi, SciLogs
Germany's Self-Created Nuclear Waste Catastrophe - Der Spiegel
Food Threat Could End Civilization - Paul & Anne Ehrlich, Proj Syndicate
Politics and an Earthquake Led to Prairie Dog Plague - Tara Smith, SciAm
Explorers Find Deepest Undersea Vents - David Shukman, BBC News
Newton Blog: A Whale Shark Isn't a Whale, and It Couldn't Eat Jonah

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Climate Change Is a National Security Threat - Harvard University
Telomere Length Predicts Susceptibility to Colds - Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Biological Mechanism Linked to Dyslexia - Northwestern University
Simple View of Gravity Fails to Explain Star Clusters - Kavli Foundation