RealClearScience Morning Edition

Evolution Didn't Design Humans Very Well - Nick Collins, The Telegraph
Can Boosting Immunity Make You Smarter? - Carl Zimmer, Discover
Why Men Fall Asleep Right After Sex - Marnia Robinson, Huffington Post
Polyamory May Be Good for You - Stephanie Pappas, Scientific American
Sex, Lies, & Separating Science From Ideology - Alice Dreger, The Atlantic
The Great 'Do Bears Hibernate?' Debate - Jason Bittel, Slate
World's Reptiles Face Extinction Risk - Ella Davies, BBC News
Billionaires Fund Climate Denier Network - Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian
Titanium May Soon Become Cheap and Plentiful - The Economist
Acting Like an A@#hole a Boon for Science? - Aaron James, The Scientist
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