RealClearScience Morning Edition

Huge Meteor Explodes Over Russia - Phil Plait, Slate
Should Environmentalists Like Keystone XL? - Elana Schor, The Atlantic
Science Advances One Funeral at a Time - Michael Brooks, NewStatesman
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Carbon Nanotubes Help Grow Heart Tissue - Laura Cassiday, C & E News
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RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

World's Oldest Porn Makes Archaeologists Blush - Mary Mycio, Slate
Three Meteorite Impact Sites Found, over 900 Injured - Russia Today
What if the Asteroid Actually Hit Earth Today? - Jesus Diaz, Gizmodo
How to Avoid Asteroid Armageddon - Babbage, The Economist
Are Scientists Normal People? - Steve Caplan, The Guardian
How to Read Your Own Body With Data - Daniel Honan, Big Think
Journal Club: Don't Drink Alcohol Made in Prison

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