RealClearScience Morning Edition

What Really Killed the Dinosaurs? - Ker Than, National Geographic
Supervolcano Forming Near New Zealand - Rebecca Quilliam, NZ Herald
Earth-Buzzing Asteroid May Be Worth $195 B - Mike Wall,
Was Nefertiti King Tut's Mom? - Alvin Powell, Harvard Gazette
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Why Coffee Doesn't Go in Your Butt - Benjamin Radford, Discovery News
Newton Blog: Four Different Geometries to Explain the Universe

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

Anti-Technologists Smother New Tech - G. Brookes & H. Miller, Forbes
New York City vs. The Ocean - Jeff Tollefson, Nature News
How Did Feathers Evolve? - Steven Novella, Skeptic Blog
Bright Supernovae May Break Chandrasekhar Limit - Tim Wogan, PW
Gut Flora Conspired in Melamine Poisonings - Elizabeth Pennisi, Science
Why Bottled Water Has an Expiration Date - Matt Soniak, Mental Floss
Journal Club: How Predators Avoid Getting Eaten by Herbivores

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62-Year-Old Bird Hatches Another Chick - U.S. Geological Survey
Neuroprosthesis Allows Rats to 'Touch' Infrared Light - Science Codex
New System Improves GPS by 90 Percent - Univ. Carlos III de Madrid
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