February 6, 2013

How Federal Gov't Invests in Bad Science

Henry Miller, Hoover Institution

AP Photo

The federal government expends vast amounts of money on “research” of innumerable kinds. Many of these expenditures are unwise and unwarranted, falling into the category of pork or overlapping with work that would otherwise be performed by private-sector entities. Public funding for scientific research should largely be limited to basic scientific discoveries or proof-of-principle experiments — which would reasonably be defined as public goods — rather than efforts to extend science into marketable technologies or products.

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October 16, 2013
Obama, Congress Playing Games with Science
Hank Campbell, USAT
In 1968, after CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite formally came out against the Vietnam War, President Lyndon Johnson was apocryphally to have said, "If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost Middle America." more ››