RealClearScience Morning Edition

Confirmed: Bones of King Richard III Found - Eliza Mackintosh, WaPo
Great Architecture Built on Great Math - Alexander Hahn, Inside Science
How Universe Created You in 10 Sentences - Ethan Siegel, ScienceBlogs
Solar Flare Drowns Out Radio Communication - Adam Mann, Wired
Quantum Physics Sheds Light on Cells - Stephen Pincock, ABC Science
How Did 'Arseniclife' Get Past Peer Review? - Dan Vergano, USA Today
Sea Urchins Could Help Capture Carbon - Matt McGrath, BBC News
How Accurate Are the Dogs that Send You to Jail? - Jacob Sullum, Reason
Do Your Duty: Enroll in Medical Research - Hank Campbell, Science 2.0
Brief History of Buffalo Chicken Wings - Joseph Stromberg, Smithsonian
Newton Blog: Spiders' Creepiness Is Due to Hydraulic Legs

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

Close Shave with an Asteroid Coming on Feb. 15 - Jeffrey Kluger, Time
Tree Ring Data Spurs Actual Climate Debate - Scott Johnson, Ars Technica
Organic Food Causes Autism and Diabetes - Kevin Folta, Illumination
Puppy Born from Frozen Embryo - Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News
Rise and Fall of Nikola Tesla & His Tower - Gilbert King, Smithsonian
Dinosaurs with Attitude - Robert Krulwich, NPR
Journal Club: Why Don't Doctors Wash Their Hands?

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Men Are from Earth, Women Are from... Earth, Too? - Univ. of Rochester
20 Hours of TV per Week Almost Halves Sperm Count - EurekAlert!
New Kind of Extinct Flying Reptile Discovered - Univ. of Southampton
Bioelectric Signals Used to Detect Early Cancer - Tufts University