RealClearScience Morning Edition

What Is Skepticism, Anyway? - Michael Shermer, Huffington Post
Creationists' Crazy School Curriculum - Jonny Scaramanga, The Guardian
Would You Work in a Digital Sweatshop? - Daniel Honan, Big Think
Will Your Waiter Give You the Flu? - Sydney Brownstone, Mother Jones
Has the Recession Made You Fat? - Shankar Vedantam, NPR
Panel Advises Shutdown of Last U.S. Collider - John Matson, SciAmerican
Mind-Meld Best for Steering Spaceships - Paul Marks, NewScientist
If Space Shuttle Is Doomed, Do You Tell the Crew? - Seth Borenstein, AP
Is Iran's Space Monkey a Fake? - Phoebe Greenwood, The Telegraph
The Problem With DIY Penis Implants - Marina Kamenev, The Atlantic
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