RealClearScience Morning Edition

Humanity Will Come to an End. Then What? - Chip Walter, PopSci
Science Says, 'Good Riddance, Sen. Harkin' - Berezow & Campbell, RCSc
Some Planets Make Researchers Uncomfortable - Maggie McKee, Nature
Starlight Reflection Could Yield Exoplanet Maps - Ker Than, Inside Sci.
How Do High & Low Weather Systems Work? - Annie Hastwell, ABC Sci.
Why Pigeons Get Lost in New York State - Rebecca Morelle, BBC News
There Is No Killer Virus Lurking in GMOs - Jon Entine, Forbes
Fly Like Superman, Then Lend a Helping Hand - Tom Jacobs, Pacific Std.
Barbara Walters Should Have Been Vaccinated - Rachael Rettner, MHND
Sorry Guys, Doing Chores Won't Lead to Sex - Tia Ghose, Live Science
Newton Blog: Is Scientific Genius Extinct?

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

Why We Took Cocaine out of Coca-Cola - James Hamblin, The Atlantic
Fish Eats Food. Scientists Watch Fish's Thoughts - Ed Yong, Phenomena
Fridge Magnets Shed Light on Synesthesia - Elizabeth Preston, Inkfish
Climate Change Means Social Science End - Clive Hamilton, Conversation
MIT Can Honor Aaron Swartz with Open-Access - Farhad Manjoo, Slate
Pale Blue Blobs Invade, Freeze, Then Vanish - Robert Krulwich, NPR

RealClearScience The Latest Research

Classical vs. Quantum: Can't We All Just Get Along? - Princeton Univ.
Why Gypsy Moths Prefer Oak Trees over Maple - University of Michigan
Directed Evolution Generates 'Primordial' Enzyme - Univ. of Minnesota
Prehistoric Humans Not Wiped Out by Comet - RH-University of London