RealClearScience Morning Edition

Coffee Fungus Rages Through Central America - Daniel Cressey, Nature
Poisoning Spouses Isn't Just for Wives - Deborah Blum, Wired
What Doctors Can Learn from Mummy Autopsies - Faye Flam, WaPo
Prison Can Teach Some to Be Better Criminals - Shankar Vedantam, NPR
Very Strange Example of Cooperation Among Spiders - The Economist
How to Create Fast Beam of Neutral Atoms - Matthew Francis, Ars Tech.
'Mars Time' Once Triggered a Mutiny at NASA - Katie Worth, SciAm
To Survive Siberia, It Helps to Have Good Genes - Michael Balter, Science
Identity of Famous 19th-Century Brain Found - Tia Ghose, Live Science
Ben Franklin: Connoisseur of Fart Jokes - Lucas Reilly, Mental Floss
Journal Club: Is It Vital to Eat Food Soon After Exercise?

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

Your Pricey Seafood Is Likely a Cheap Imitation - Eric Wagner, Slate
Why You Wake Up Early After a Night of Drinking - Robert Gonzalez, io9
New Nanomaterial Is Harder than a Diamond - Nathan Hurst, Wired
Metamaterials Model the Multiverse - MIT Technology Review
Doctors Can Feel Their Patients' Pain - Bonnie Prescott, Harvard Gazette
Thomas Nagel Is Unimpressed with Science - John Horgan, SciAm

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Beer's Bitter Molecules Help Brew New Medicines - Univ. of Washington
Life-Saving Meds May Be at Bottom of Sea - Oregon Health & Science Univ.
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