January 22, 2013

On Climate Change, Can Obama Deliver Change?

Bryan Walsh, Time

AP Photo

Environmentalists—who’d grumbled during the campaign about the absence of climate change from President Obama’s rhetoric—didn’t have to wait long to see their faith rewarded. During his inaugural address on Jan. 21, Obama spoke with surprising clarity and urgency about the need to fight global warming.

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October 15, 2013
Mysterious Moose Die-Off Alarms Scientists
Jim Robbins, NY Times
Across North America — in places as far-flung as Montana and British Columbia, New Hampshire and Minnesota — moose populations are in steep decline. And no one is sure why. more ››
October 14, 2013
Is the World Getting Better or Worse?
Bjorn Lomborg, NewScientist
FOR the past half century, a fundamental debate has raged between optimists and pessimists over the state of the world. Pessimists build their case on overpopulation, starvation and depletion of resources. Optimists stand for... more ››