RealClearScience Morning Edition

Morality: It's Not Just for Humans - Elizabeth Landau, CNN
Brain Could Become the Ultimate Weapon - Emma Young, Cosmos Mag
The Psychology of Cold Feet Down the Aisle - Benedict Carey, N.Y. Times
Examining Amusing Titles in Scientific Research - Rolf Zwaan, Rolf Zwaan
Politically-Correct Science Police Are Wrong - Satoshi Kanazawa, Big Think
S. Korea Makes Billion-Dollar Bet on Fusion - Soo Bin Park, Nature News
Vesta More Like Earth Than Originally Thought - Amina Khan, L.A. Times
Polynesians Reached S. America, Potatoes Reveal - John Timmer, Ars Tech
Are Cats Serial Killers or Scapegoats? - Joss Fong, Scienceline
Beware the Bite of Your Adorable Pet Cat - Marie Joyce, Washington Post
Newton Blog: Do Earthquake Fissures Ever 'Swallow' People?

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

The New Question Your Doctor May Start Asking - Ben Tinker, CNN
Could Humans Benefit from Hibernation? - Zuberoa Macros, Cosmos Mag
Math Formula Tells Us When It's Time to Die - Robert Krulwich, NPR
On Climate Change, Can Obama Deliver Change? - Bryan Walsh, Time
Fleet of Asteroid Hunters Aims for 2015 Launch - Rebecca Boyle, PopSci
Theory of Everything Isn't Everything - Jamieson & Webb, NewScientist

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