RealClearScience Morning Edition

The Sublime Beauty of Pregnancy - Alexander Tsiaras, Huffington Post
Peacock Spider Woos Mates with Dance, Colors - GrrlScientist, SciLogs
Humans Make First Contact with Penguin Colony - Rachel Shea, Nat Geo
The Evolutionary Biology of Star Trek and You - Annalee Newitz, io9
Is PTSD Contagious? - Mac McClelland, Mother Jones
Time for Science to Seize Political Power - Michael Brooks, NewScientist
Daily Beast Posts Shameful Anti-Vaccine Rant - Katie McDonough, Salon
Pen Color Affects Teacher-Student Relations - Dani Cooper, ABC Science
How Chili Powder Can Kill - Dr. Rubidium, Double X Science
Never Drink Beer from a Clear Glass Bottle - Martha Harbison, Pop Science
Journal Club: Mycoviruses as Fungicides?
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