January 15, 2013

Anti-GMO Activists Target Washington State

Hank Campbell, Science 2.0

AP Photo

Despite losing in the state with arguably the most anti-science crackpots in its citizenry - California - GMO activists in arguably the second most anti-science state - Washington - are determined to show the country why they should be number one.

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If Monsanto has anything to do with it, it must be evil. That seems to be the prevailing opinion on the monolithic biotech company. Following that logic, if they produce corn or soybeans or another crop that has been genetically... more ››
October 16, 2013
Are Opponents of GM 'Golden Rice' Evil?
Matt McGrath, BBC News
Opponents of the development of a type of genetically modified (GM) rice enriched with vitamin A are "wicked", the environment secretary has said. more ››