RealClearScience Morning Edition

Sorry, the U.S. Isn't Building a Death Star - Paul Shawcross, White House
Astronomers Find Largest Structure in Universe - Mike Wall,
Largest Structure Unlikely, But So Is Universe - Ethan Siegel, ScienceBlogs
Experts Split on What Quantum Theory Means - Philip Ball, Nature News
Fox News' False Balance on U.S. Warmest Year - John Timmer, Ars Tech
Male Jurors More Likely to Find Fat Women Guilty - Katy Waldman, Slate
Bread Battle: Why White Beats Wheat in Taste - Nancy Shute, NPR
Why Can't Doctors Tell Cancer Patients the Truth? - Mary Williams, Salon
Microglia: The Coolest Cells in Your Body - Virginia Hughes, Phenomena
Tough Mouse Eats Scorpions, Howls at Moon - Sara Reardon, NewScientist
Journal Club: Key Stats for the 2012-2013 Flu Season
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