January 10, 2013

Iron in Our Blood Keeps Us... and Kills Us

Bradley Wertheim, The Atlantic

AP Photo

n ambulance rushed Dr. Malcolm Casadaban to a Chicago emergency department with labored breathing and three days of fever, body aches, and cough. He died twelve hours later as heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver failed under the burden of overwhelming infection.

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October 15, 2013
X-Rays Force Rethink on Earth's Core
Simon Redfern, Conversation UK
Our planet’s interior is complex and has many layers. Their formation and structure contain many unsolved mysteries. But new research is providing some clues about how Earth’s internal structure may have evolved. more ››
Jurassic Park’s iconic image of a fossilized blood-filled mosquito was thought to be fiction — until now. For the first time, researchers have identified a fossil of a female mosquito with traces of blood in its engorged... more ››