RealClearScience Morning Edition

Are Crazy Eyes a Sign of Mental Illness? - Forrest Wickman, Slate
12 Biases that Prevent You from Being Rational - George Dvorsky, io9
What Causes Deja Vu? - Amy Reichelt, The Conversation
Massive Asteroid Belts Found Around Vega - Ian O'Neill, Discovery News
Composting Is Terrible for Environment - Steve Savage, Applied Mythology
Pumping Oxygen and Life into Baltic Sea - Laura Hoflinger, Der Spiegel
Legal Threats Shut Down Science Fraud Site - Bill Frezza, Forbes
A Scientific Seal of Approval for Mystery Writers - Jane O'Brien, BBC
The Mathematically Perfect Dartboard - Alex Bellos, Guardian
Toppling Dominoes the Size of Skyscrapers - MIT Tech. Review
Newton Blog: Batman's Return Predicted in Weather Forecast?

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

Flu Epidemic Strikes U.S. Where's the Media? - Kent Sepkowitz, Daily Beast
Iron in Our Blood Keeps Us... and Kills Us - Bradley Wertheim, The Atlantic
Today's Galapagos vs. Darwin's Galapagos - Rebecca Willis, Intelligent Life
Tuna Numbers Fall By Over 96 Percent - Kieran Mulvaney, Discovery News
Galactic Pile-Up May Point to New 'Dark Force' - Adam Mann, Wired
Einstein Was Right: Space-Time Is Smooth, Not Foamy -
Journal Club: Cooking... with Physics!

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