RealClearScience Morning Edition

When Anesthesia Wears Off... During Surgery - Joshua Lang, The Atlantic
The Scariest Way to Give Kids Medicine - Matt Novak, Pacific Standard
Health Journalism Often Wrong - David Freedman, Columbia Jrnl. Review
Why I Changed My Mind About GMOs - Mark Lynas,
How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes - Maria Konnikova, Slate
We Are Horrible at Predicting Our Futures - Greg Miller, Science Now
60 Amazing Years of David Attenborough - B. Cox & R. Ince, NewStatesman
Science Video Games Lead to Epic Breakthroughs - The Scientist
Quantum Gas Goes Below Absolute Zero - Zeeya Merali, Nature News
In 1973, NASA Astronauts Mutinied in Orbit - Amy Teitel, Motherboard
Newton Blog: Admitting You're Wrong Is Hard to Do

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

Black Market Origins of the U.S. Condom Industry - Peter Andreas, Slate
Simple Blood Test to Revolutionize Pregnancy - Erin Biba, Wired
Feathered Dinosaurs May Have Danced for Love - Charles Choi, Live Sci.
Maybe the Early Earth Wasn't a Snowball - Emily Elert, Popular Science
Thorium Could Help Alien Life Emerge - Ian Randall, Physics World
Some People Get Hit by a Meteorite... and Survive - Keith Veronese, io9

RealClearScience The Latest Research

First Meteorite Composed of Martian Crust Found - Carnegie Institution
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